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On 12/9/2015 9:20 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Chapter by Ted "Arsenal, the Lone Warrior" Brock
> who created the Starfall Imprint and also
> wrote various stuff for the LNH like
> a.outSiders..

And who needs to come back dangit

>     "So Jerry Franke has decreed that Paragon should be given to me," one
>     voice iterated. "He has been saved from the Screaming Dreams of wReam,
>     who forfeited his chance because someone sliced off his nose when he
>     went to sneeze. And so it falls to Arsenal, the Lone Warrior, to make
>     sure that such a whiner is taken care of. God, do I hate this job
>     sometimes."

You love it you nerd

>     "Delta Squadron?" he asked, still groggy from his fatal experiences.
>     "I've never heard of you."
>     "That's not surprising," she stated, handing him a glass of water. He
>     sipped it as he waited for an explanation. "We were formed only six
>     months after you 'died'. I hate to be the one to break it to you,
>     Dirk, but you've been dead for over a year. Because of a fuck-up on
>     your part, the world has been taken over by Baron Jerry von Frankelin,
>     and his wife, the Baroness Mary Lu Retina-Frankelin."


>     "Remember reading on that weapon, 'Use properly, or the World will be
>     Conquered'?"
>     "Vaguely," he lied.

This is why you always read the instructions >:/

>     Dirk felt pain where he'd never felt pain before. He was no longer
>     invulnerable. He couldn't fly. He guessed that he wasn't superhumanly
>     strong, either. Dirk had learned how to teleport, but at the cost of
>     his other powers.

An interesting authorial choice.

>     But Roger Price was not a man who would sit by lazily as he lost his
>     legs. With the help of his sister Ayla's firm, Price Industries, a
>     little ingenuity, and a lot of hard work, he'd managed to put together
>     a working set of leg braces that enabled him to walk again.

A lot of focus on these new characters. This seems to be a recurring 
RACChallenge thing.

>     My team will include: Artemis, Shield,
>     Silverhawke, Frisbee, Waterfall, Esper, Blacklight, and Paragon."

Very '90s names, natch.

>     "Unless they've found it," Dirk muttered, mostly to himself, "I used
>     to park my Ultimate-Mobile in a sub-basement of the Federal Building.
>     And it was never shown on any blueprints."

Makes sense! I'm sure this will be a helpful plot element that will lead to the 
defeat of--

>     Standing around the rusted out hulk that had been the Ultimate-Mobile,
>     the Delta Squadron wondered how Paragon had managed to survive.


>     "Who were they?" Blackfoot asked, turning to Paragon for an answer.
>     "From the remains of their clothing, I'd guess Tito and Tina," was his
>     reply.

Man, the writers really didn't like the Twins. XD

>     "Actually, as this last year was a leap year, it was three hundred
>     sixty-six days," Esper commented. "And Happy Unbirthday."


>     A hand reached out, grabbed Dirk by the shoulder, and dragged him into
>     the office. A blood-curdling scream was heard by everyone in the Delta
>     Squadron, then a dead silence.
>     A woman with blood dripping from her lips walked out of he door,
>     carrying Dirk's inert form. Dirk bled profusely from his jugular
>     artery. She dropped Dirk unceremoniously onto the floor.
>     "I'm Bloody Beth," she stated, her fangs gleaming with an evil glint.
>     "Who's next?"
>     "Not the Ultimate Vampire!"


Drew "going to buy Tito and Tina some ice cream" Perron

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