HCC: High Concept Challenge #58: Star Wars

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 21:41:13 PST 2016

And the subject of the next High Concept Challenge is... STAR WARS!

What does that mean? Doing a homage to certain popular movie franchises? Having 
the characters participate in fandom, or just go out for a night at the movies? 
Physically battling a burning miasma of incandescent plasma? No idea - it's up 
to your interpretation. The only limit, of course, is RACC's prohibition on 
using copyrighted characters without permission, so unless George Lucas or 
(looks up the current head of Disney) Bob Iger come by and tell you it's okay 
themselves, no having Jaxxon the six-foot green rabbit show up.

Let's put the deadline at January 31st! Have fun!

Drew "The Source Code Awakens" Perron

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