SW10/REVIEW: Catalog of Earths, 2016 Update #3 of 5: The Web Comics

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Dec 29 18:46:19 PST 2016

--- PART 3:  The Web Comics ---

The Powernaut (covered earlier as part of "Introduction and SW10") 
appears in a web comic himself.  We here cover the other artistic 
content of RACC.

UNIVERSE:  Ripping Off King Arthur

- Type:  Mystic, apparently

- Chronicler:  Arthur Spitzer

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.rippingoffkingarthur.com/

- Activity:  sporadic

- Relevance:  Major as for last year.  This continuum is dominated by 
one cosmic-level threat, and the resistance is slowly assembling.  But 
at this rate, they will bring their plans into action years from now.

- Threat Analysis:  remains at Medium-level due to inactivity.  But this 
could upgrade dramatically in one burst of action.

- Critique:  When the stories actually happen, they remain impressive or 
just plain fun, and often both.

- Psychovant's Comments:  heh, I was getting excited about this story 
last year.  Now, I'm just glad I got out of that stuck "Turkworld" 
story.  Otherwise I'd be trapped in a fate like this.


UNIVERSE:  Continentals / Hit Girlz

- Type:  Tech

- Chroniclers:  Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.xcelsioronline.com/ (moved since 
last year)

- Activity:  Roughly weekly

- Relevance:  Major (increased from Inconsequential last year).  This 
universe is self-contained and unlikely to interact with others on its 
own initiative.  However, one of its primal forces *did* get harvested 
and interfere with the RACCies.  Now, the story has moved on to teenage 
hit girls.  But unless "Learn Marksmanship From Movies" becomes the next 
cosmic power, there is not much threat here now.

- Threat Analysis:  Low-level.  The previous outbreak from this universe 
is known to us, and we're tracking its consequences.

- Critique:  The Hit Girlz storyline counts as light-hearted adventure 
comedy.  So its story logic is best judged, as though it were a movie of 
that genre.  Hence, "Learn Marksmanship From Movies" - and also 
"Annihilate One's Enemies By Dropping One's Weapon"...  The artwork 
remains, top of the line.  The team has also now taken to publishing 
their comic book pages in bursts - which is commendable.

- Psychovant's Comments:  heh.  I did not see "Pool of Slime from 
Sherlock Holmes as a Cosmic Power" coming from out of the Continentals. 
Who could have?  As for the other stuff... go look at it sometime, and 
binge-read!  Hey, hot teenage girls!

--- Next:  PART 4:  Legacy Universes ---

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