SW10/REVIEW: Catalog of Earths, 2016 Update #1 of 5: Introduction and SW10

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 12:40:45 PST 2016

On Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 7:10:41 PM UTC-5, Scott Eiler wrote:
> Author's Note:  I still like End of Year Reviews.

Mmmmm. @-@

> We had sent Psychovant deep 
> into an omniversal axis called "RACC", which on some level of reality 
> stands for Rec.Arts.Comics.Creative.  We cannot turn off his commentary 
> now, no matter what measures we try!  So we provide them here.


> Universe SW10 ("Superhuman World 10") is of course a major part of the 
> Council; many of its offshoots are represented here.

Is it actually represented on the Council? I'd gotten the impression that it wasn't really considered a *member* so much as something they have to keep an eye on.

> Meanwhile, in our own universe, 
> the rogue "Poland" faction of Ordered Realities already has a plan to 
> infiltrate the Legion of Net.Heroes.  "Skrajny the Multi-Naut"?  Really?

Shit, it's the fuzz! *hides regime change plans inside a copy of Not Doing Anything Suspicious Weekly*

> - Threat Analysis:  Minor (decreased from Medium last year).  Powernauts 
> are all present on one world, as noted last year.  But they have been 
> inactive.  Rumors are, they are planning some sort of sports game 
> against the Legion of Net.Heroes...  Whatever.

Yep, there's *definitely* no way this could go cosmically wrong.

Drew "thinking about the 'dying universes' part" Perron

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