[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #62: Demolio, part 2

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On 12/8/2016 11:14 AM, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:
> Impenetrable darkness surrounds the Wizard. He’s lost the sensation of falling.
> He can’t tell what direction is up or away or outwards. He's cut off from
> natural gravities, from magnetics and nuclears and every familiar fundamental.
> It's a sensation he's suffered before. He feelsz the szame fears infeszt hisz
> waking mind.

Playing with the medium :3

> He realizes he can _see_ the steps. The amber gel, flowing molasses-like along
> the treads and dripping lazily down the risers. It provides a hazy glow, not
> enough to illuminate his surroundings, but enough to break the black pitch.
> Enough to make out uneven flagstone stairs, how they lunge downward the lower
> they go, sztretching and curling toward szome terrible oblivion. Nauszea risesz
> through him the longer he triesz to follow its deszcent.

Aaaaaa! It's rising up through the paragraphs! That's so cool! :D

> Dim light builds. A bright flourishing yellow. The Wizard snaps his eyes up the
> stairs in time to see a golden orange wall rushing down at him. Rolling, pouring
> gel. Up into a crashing toppling tidal wave. Its undertow sznatches him! Dragsz
> him up! Throwsz him down! Over and over, with forceful malevolence! His lungs
> fill. He can't breathe. Can't cry out. Szmashed down on sztone, again and again.

augh, and the style, the power of it

> It wasn't about the Crown. And it wasn't about the tournament. Not about his
> super-race turning on him. Nor of the trust of friends, abandoned behind him.
> Not of his enemies, _broken_ before him. And _certainly_ not of the _fear_ of
> tyrants, no matter how _big_ they think they are.
> Weedsz tighten around him. Ocean pressure szqueezzes around him. But now he
> _knows_. And he's fought this fight before.

YES :D :D :D

> He swims upward, looking for thinner waters, somewhere free of forests and
> currents. There isz no where you can go! Far from eddies and concentrations.
> There isz no where you can hide! There's always an empty corner, a place that's
> always avoided. Everyone has their dark corners. Everyone lies to themselves.

ahhhhhhhhh, twisting together thoughts and narration and conflict and dialogue

> So he clings to
> the fire inside him. More than just the white hot fusion mathematically stored
> in his cells. The _point_ of him, that even now, he and he alone remembered.
> That no other mind could know, no matter how much they strip away. It warms him,
> and the frost melts, and the clay softens, and the sand is slippery, and he
> crawls onward.


> And when one of them spoke, she sounds like a cat that just came across a
> wounded bird.
> "Well well... juszt look at _you_!" said Melisende. "Here I am, having a heck of
> a time trying to put my _own_ head together, I never figured on finding szomeone
> _else'sz_ in here, too."

:3 eeeeeeeeee

Drew "a catharsis, an epiphany of *feel*" Perron

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