SW10/WWW: Power Stars 1945 #7: It Worked!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Dec 7 19:30:03 PST 2016

But there's a price to pay.  An old warrior has fought the good fight 
against the Fascists of his day.  But now it's over...  Power Stars 1945 
/ 2000+, To Be Concluded!


 From the first V-E Day to the 76th Pearl Harbor Day... I did not see 
Pearl Harbor Day coming in the Powernaut Comic schedule, but I'm pleased 
to commemorate those who fought the good fight.

Wyatt has a couple of weeks of commentary left in him.  And he's kind of 
inspired by a concept of Idolon characters tonight, thank you Drew.


Bonus Section: 2006 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The 
Real-Life Death of Stephen Oliver Samuels, or S.O.S.

Power Star Comics of 1945 predicted, their favorite boy heroes would die 
at a ripe old age.  That was hardly going out on a limb.  But for 
excitement, they predicted at least one of them would die fighting 
future Nazis...  Hey, World War 2 was great for comics.  The comic
book companies had some motive to make it go on forever.

This prediction was self-fulfilling in the end.  By 2006, our future 
Earth was actually getting a different reality shift every year.  In 
2005 we got President Bush II instead of President Rodham.  The next 
year, we actually got Nazis who looked like what Power Star Comics had 
dreamed of.  And Stephen Oliver Samuels actually died fighting them. 
Hence how I now do the commentary in his place.

I don't presume to say that these old stories were real.  I see that 
S.O.S. swore the stories were real.  But *I* can only track Powernaut 
history back to 1968, and even then the record is sketchy.  Still...

In 2003, I saw an outbreak of familiar-looking fiction-heroes.  That 
included a Powernaut who looked a *lot* like this.  So I'll just say: 
Every story is real somewhere, and every idea influences something.

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