MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 54

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 18:18:32 PST 2016

Computer problems? Who cares haha  @-@

On Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 11:47:59 PM UTC-5, George Phillies wrote:
> I did not mention that I was completely comfortable because three months ago
> Mum and I had flown to the core of the sun just to see what was there. I got
> to use ultravision to look at the solar deep structures. Yes, I have a real
> headache afterward, but I can use ultravision. Notwithstanding the dozen past
> technical human civilizations that have studied them, people really do not
> understand what the solar core structures are, other than that they are
> highly regular, huge, not made of physical matter, and gradually change in
> time.

I think I said this last time, but: This is SO COOL.

> I momentarily remembered a peculiarity of history. There are perfectly
> adequate numbers of references, a few thousand years ago, that if you leave a
> horse with a big pile of barley it will eat itself to death. Modern horse
> breeders think horses are not that stupid.

I feel like there's a larger point to this anecdote, but I'm not sure what it is.

> After all, Bluebell and Columbine were quite certain that once I was done
> cleaning up the barn I would give them treats, scratch their stomachs, and
> comb their fur.


Drew "d'awww" Perron

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