LNH/SW10: WikiLull #14: The Disposition of Powers

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Sun Aug 7 20:11:25 PDT 2016

Subject: Re: LNH/SW10: WikiLull #14: The Disposition of Powers

The HQ keeps blowing up or not.

This is a job for Quantum Retcon Emperor.

He has only one superpower.  He cleans up time travel and similar 
confusions by making all pasts...TRUE


the HQ will be explodiating, and normal, at the same time.  Of course, 
it will also be inside a courtroom..A proper English courtroom, with 
dark polished wood, high ceilings, a judge in ermines and a full wig 
seated on a bundle of wool.  Of course, to judge from her honor's 
distinguished size, not to mention her nasal structure and dentition, 
her parental units were Tyranosaurus Rex, except for the large brain.

Some people would say this is not a solution. They are Philistines, 
incapable of appreciating the splendiferous majesty of his power.

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