LNH/LUNA: WikiLull: chapter the 12th: Know what we need? Even MORE characters!

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 15:15:51 PDT 2016

On 4/28/2016 5:33 PM, Adrian McClure wrote:
 > "It's really loud in here," said Token Girl, squeezing her palms over
 > her ears. "And I thought watching the Michael Bay Smurfs movie was
 > bad..."


 > "WikiBoy, can you generate a quantum stabilizer field?" said Merissa.
 > "...if you say so?" he said.

That's a really cute interaction

 > A green field of energy shot out of the WikiKoma's back, so now the
 > explosions had stopped and lobby was only sort of on fire.

I'm imagining pieces of lobby floating lazily in the air, half-frozen fireballs 
exploding and imploding...

 > "OK," said Merissa, "we just gotta go to the control room and I'll
 > save us with our l33t cyberhacker skills!" (She pronounced it
 > "el-three-three-tea.")


 > "HALT!" A young Tibetan sorcerer of ambiguous gender presentation,
 > wearing orange robes that were kind of trenchoat-y, appeared in a
 > dramatic poof of dark smoke.

Interesting. :o

 > "Oh yay, the first fight!" said Merissa. "You seem pretty cool, but
 > not that cool, so I guess you're just the first boss.

Merissa I don't. XD

 > "But I am!" the mysterious sorcerer (sorcerex?) said. "Scarlett
 > Johannson, you will stop this at once! This indignity will not stand!"


 > "Wha?" said Merissa. "I'm not Scarlett Johannson! If I were there'd be
 > a Black Widow movie already! And Ike Perlmutter would be shot into
 > space! And we'd have the rights to the Fantastic Four and we could all
 > be in Secret Kingdom Heart Wars III: Infinity Inferno of Vengeance and
 > we could team up with all the Disney heroes and the Star Wars heroes
 > to fight the Nobody of Darth Beyonder and I could save the day by
 > fusing my Gun-Keyblade with the Infinity Gauntlet!"


 > "It's an abomination!" said the mysterious sorcerex. "But not as much
 > as your playing Major Kusanagi!


 > "Huh?" said Merissa. "I'm not playing her in a movie, I'm just
 > dressing up as her because she's cool!"

Heeheehee :3

 > "Very well then. I am the apprentice of Occultism Kid. Some call me
 > Kid Occultism Kid, but you shall know me as the Not Yet Ancient One!

Ohhhhh fuck yes. :D Good idea!

 > Once I was one of the world's most famous Youtube lets players,
 > concerned only with fame, money, and getting more subscribers. But
 > then I fell prey to carpal tunnel syndrome and all my videos were lost
 > to a copyright takedown! And so I sought to learn the ways of magic to
 > heal myself and win copyright lawsuits and destroy the dreaded
 > Takedown Bots.

XD XD XD The best parody

 > In the process, I went on a quest of enlightenment and
 > became one of the NTA..."
 > "The NTA?" said Token Girl. "Don't you mean the NTB?"
 > "No, the NTA! Newly Trained Arcanists!

XD XD XD Yes good, this is exactly what I was hoping would happen

 > I have gone
 > forth to set my occult might against the forces of Hollywood before
 > they whitewash everything and cast Shia LaBeouf as Martin Luther
 > King!"

Oh my goooooood. XD

 > Merissa used the BIGGUN to fire frag grenades (nonlethal frag
 > grenades... it's that kind of story)

It really is.

 > She put the
 > BIGGUN on "Manual" mode and used it to fire a Strategy Guide...


 > Unfortunately, while the BIGGUN could do literally anything, it had to
 > involve blowing things up somehow, so the manual exploded in her hands
 > before she could read it.


 > Meanwhile, two robots watched from a distance. One was in the form of
 > a pastel purple-pink car and one was a train with cool racing marks.
 > The car, which was generating pale illusionary mist from its exhaust,
 > shifted into the form of a humanoid bot with Miami Vice sunglasses,
 > while the other became a radical samurai. "Vaporwave, I was
 > wondering..."
 > "Yes, Multitrack?" said Vaporwave coolly.


 > "Yeah! All we have to do is--aaah!" Multitrack fell off the top of the
 > couch, where he'd been standing, and into the cushions.


 > Vaporwave sighed. "Well, despite the... flawed nature of my partner,
 > it will only be a matter of time before this world belongs to... the
 > MicroMACS!"


 > [Note: Drew came up with the name MicroMACS. Vaporwave is named after
 > the retro-80s music/aesthetic genre, while Multitrack is based on the
 > drift racing transformer imaginatively named Drift+the "multi track
 > drifting" meme]

Ahhhh, that's great. XD

Drew "I love it so much" Perron

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