MISC: GODLING # 54 The Masked Merchant part 3 by J. Vandersteen

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Mon Apr 25 01:33:56 PDT 2016

On 4/15/2016 9:26 PM, jvdsteen1974 at gmail.com wrote:
 >      As on cue there's a cloud of smoke in the interrogation room. From the
 > smoke steps a man clad in a purple robe and mask, The Masked Merchant.

Okay, that's a great name. :D

 >      "Looks like I need to silences someone," the villain says, producing two
 > futuristic guns from his robe. He fires them, totally disintegrating the
 > crook.
 >      "NO!" Godling yells, walking right through the wall with his Heracles
 > strengths.

Dangit Godling, why couldn't you have done that *before* he fired. >:/

(Also, minor nitpick: 'sliences' and 'strengths' should be 'slience' and 
'strength'. Let me know if this gets annoying.)

 >      "The Masked Merchant! Help me," the guy says, happy to see the villain.
 >      "I just want you to be silent," The Merchant says and fires his gun,
 > evaporating the criminal while he's in Dober-Girl's hand.

Hmmmmm. Is he somehow prevented from destroying the heroes? Perhaps whatever 
contract he made with his clients...

 >      "Wait a minute, we're still the police! You can't just leave us out of
 > this like that," Hudson says.
 >      But Godling is already gone, using the speed of Hermes.

*wacky trombone riff*

 >      "By Zeus!" Godling exclaims. "That explains why you can provide such
 > high-tech weapons! You are Throx of the Council of War and Science!"
 > (--Godling fought them before during the Reality Bomb saga, read #28-31)


 >      "I think it is wise for me to go back to my own dimension," The Merchant
 > says. There is a lot of smoke and Godling is left empty-handed.
 >      "Crap, he got away!" Dober-Girl says.
 >      "Yes, I hope he will stay away this time," Godling says.

I would make a Mxyzptlk ref, but it seems like Scott already has.

Drew "wacky imps" Perron

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