[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #56: Kilo Yuga, part 2

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 15:35:51 PDT 2016

On 4/6/2016 9:30 PM, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:
> He instinctively absorbs ambient sunlight to
> try _burning_ the foreign _thing_ inside him. It only makes the sensation _worse_.

Haha ow. @.x

> He approaches the Wizard. "...but
> I can at least free you from your burden, as you once did for me."
> Before he's conciously aware of doing it, the Wizard pushes up off the ground
> and flings himself off the planet.


> He only gets flickers of sensation outside the pain. The emptiness of space. The
> warm embrace of a new atmosphere. And finally, an abrupt slam into a hard,
> abrasive surface... the next planet over.
> He reads its magnetic field: bigger, thicker, denser. But still too close to
> that septic sunlight. Like millions of burning pins, flung across space to dig
> into his pores and burrow in his middle.

I really really REALLY love how this series describes weird, alien sensation.

> "_'Peacefully'_. Which means they're _still_ trying to kill me. They're not sure
> the cosmic tournament will do the job.. They're desperate enough to ally with
> enemies like Buzz... and their enemies are desperate enough to ally with them."
> "They have their reasons. We all have our reasons."
> The Wizard gets back onto his feet.. "Excuses. And I'm sick of hearing them from
> _you_."

I love how much of a *voice* the Super Wizard has. It didn't seem like that, 
early on, but you've really developed it.

> The Wizard casts a shield around himself. The poisoned fusion moves like broken
> glass under his skin, but he has to protect himself against another assault.
> Andy doesn't charge. He doesn't advance at all. He swings his club down against
> the tree. _"Woodpecker's Barrage."_
> A hundred branches **SNAP** with a single report. Timber and blades drop in a
> mass. The dense canopy vanishes. Sunlight cleaves into the Wizard again.
> A sudden flash of light! Blinding pain! His shield fails.

NICE. Augh. Power of sunlight as weapon.

> The Wizard is sent tumbling through space. Clammy blood cascades from his mouth
> and ears, dribbling a hemic trail across the black emptiness. Sightless and
> senseless, he pitches between gravities, trying to stay concious.

Aaaaaaaaaaaa. <3

> A shadow falls over his stooped form. When he looks up, he finds Andy looking
> down on him. "O prince of friends, you are gone again," the grey monk says,
> soberly, "I hear them sighing after you."
> Andy Dharma reaches down and removes the douli from The Super Wizard From
> Space's brow.



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