[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #55: Kilo Yuga, part 1

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 15:12:32 PDT 2016

On 3/30/2016 11:04 PM, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:
> The Super Wizard From Space bursts out of sub-space, immediately disoriented.
> A thin atmosphere, a planetary gravity... where _was_ he?

I'm imagining a really cool effect here, like *glowy windy whoosh* *THUMP as he 

> "We've met you before, haven't we?"

"We". ^^;

> Andy waves his hands in alarm, "No! No no no! Your feet! Your feet! You're
> ruining the garden!"
> Taken aback, the wizard douses his power and steps back. Andy goes back to work
> on the melted rock. "Just like you. All heat and anger, with no thought as to
> where you stand," he admonishes as he chips at the ground, repairing the pattern.

Planetary-level zen gardens :D I love it

> "With help, yes. I wanted to talk with you. I'd hope to convince you to spare
> Genovefa Buzz."
> The Super Wizard crosses his arms.

"Like. Seriously, dude?"

> "She's out there right now," Andy says, "orbiting this very star. She's the
> farthest planet in this very system... a sentient _world_, brought to life by
> the transformative toxin of her swarm. She's their ruler and their home, both,
> and as such, she lives with a clarity of purpose most of us will never
> experience.

ohhhhhhhhh. Holy *fuck*. :o

> "This tournament the two of you are caught in... it
> doesn't have to be your ends. Neither of you have to die. If you yield your
> crown, she'll be the victor and you'll both be free of this coercion."

mmmmmmmm. >:

> The wizard only has a moment of confusion before a painful **CRACK** on his
> shoulder!
> He twists away, and there's another! A slicing **TWACK** to his ribs! And an
> rising **CRACK** to his skull!

:D :D :D

> The wizard stares levelly at the broken lizard. "People like her don't change,
> no matter how hard you wish it. It _has_ to be this way.."
> The lizard spits on the ground. "Now you sound like my brother.."

:D I love this conflict AAAAAAAA cosmic-level clash of ethoses I LOVE SUPER WIZARD

> "Oh, my goodness!" Andy croaks in relief, "Oh, thank my long line. I was afraid
> it wouldn't work..."
> "What... what did you...?"
> "What you were saying before... yes. Though it embarrasses me to admit it, yes,
> you were right. Even with all my lifetime of training, even through the
> perfection of my martial art, the glorious _space-kung-fu_ of the Dharma family
> line... I am no match for your cosmic crown. With all the power you can draw
> upon, it would never be a fair fight. So we had to even the odds.
> "We cheated. We poisoned the sun."



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