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On 3/24/2016 10:12 PM, George Phillies wrote:
<hah, still less than a month late snip>
>>> She wore a baggy royal-blue sweater and loose blue jeans, but seemed
>>> unbothered by the blinding snow, gale-force winds, and below-zero
>>> weather.
>> Hmmmmmm. Not concerned that her identity will leak out from doing that, then? Of
>> course, it makes sense that the snow itself would veil her...
> She is in disguise as Professor Morgana Lafayette.

I think I get it. <3

>>> “I never used it in a match,” Janie said.  “I was saving it for
>>> National. Now Eclipse used it!
>> Hmmmm! Parallel development, or super-mindreading?
> No, but she does not find out until late in the book.

Ahhhhhhh, fascinating. :o

> “Just a bit,” Morgana answered. “The Americans were fine, but Kamensky
> had the Russian Imperial Elite Strike Team at the far end of a leash. If
> he’d decided that Joe is Eclipse, which sounds massively idiotic, he
> might have had his Team try to kidnap Janie to extract details from her.”

There are reverberations from this event all over...

> “For the first I need your agreement,” Morgana said. “The first is
> called a null link. It’s not mentalic, exactly. But if anything happens
> to any of you, I will know something is wrong and exactly where to find
> you. It’s very slightly editing your subconscious, like crossloading an
> app onto a phone. Oh, when I’m done, you won’t remember that I did it.
> Except you, Janie, you know your own mind too clearly.  You will
> remember. You will also not remind anyone. It’s a safety precaution..
> Agree?” Patrick, Abigail, Trisha, and Janie nodded. Brian grimaced but
> finally mouthed agreement. “This just takes a moment.”

Hmmmmm. I would've really liked a description of how it *feels* when she does 
that. Especially from Janie's perspective.

> “You each had your minds changed, so soon as I asked the question, but
> the mind changing was not done with mentalics,” Morgana said.  “And some
> of my wards, ones that normally never do anything, were poked, not gently.”

Ouch. :o

> “In this world, nothing is safe,” Morgana answered. “Someone has placed
> a geas, a construct, on your house and its residents. Having a geas like
> that in your house is almost certainly more dangerous to you. Yes, geas,
> a third-order construct.  It controls what you think, about a narrow
> range of topics, inobtrusively.

Shiiiiiiiiiit. :o That's POWERFUL.

> Janie, you will see clearly what I am doing, but you should
> absolutely not, not even if it’s life and death, try anything like this,
> not until you know exactly what you are doing.

Welp, she's gonna have to do it later in the story.

> “That,” Morgana announced, “was a third order attack in use. Until I
> erased it. It made sure that anyone in this house would not think that
> Joe had a home address or interlink ID, let alone wonder what they were.
> It also made sure that no one would think it was interesting that Joe
> here was the same as Joe who rescued Janie and Trisha.  The attack
> followed him around, within a mile or two, so no one else would wonder.”

Weeeeeeird. :o

> Morgana threw up her hands. “At a guess, Joe’s mom.

Ohhhhhh. Talk about a helicopter parent. @.@;

> Almost no
> personas can do things like this.  I don’t remember that any of them
> have children.

Hmmmmm... I wonder...

Drew "ponderous" Perron

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