LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #11: Saint Squad 2

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On 3/30/2016 7:47 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> which is about Saint's
> Writer Character Pocket Man proposing to Rebecca Drayer's WC
> Organic Lass all leading to the first LNH wedding.



*starts playing Huey Lewis*

> Starring: Organic Lass, Pocket Man, and a mysterious, diminutive archer

Cheeez Arrow?

>   ------
> | NOTE |  This scene takes place simultaneuously with the end of the
> |      |  Valentine's Day Ball (A masterful story! Two thumbs Up!)
> |      |
> |______|

Agreed! Bravo!

> 	The night was indeed cold, yet a dazzling array of stars filled
> the coal-black sky. But there was only one heavenly body on Pocket Man's
> mind ... and he was holding her tightly in his arms.

Good cheese. :3

> 	"Ssssshhhh! Ori! You know what happens whenever one of us says
> that `nothing in the world can go wrong.'" Pocket Man said quietly,
> partially waiting for an alarm klaxxon. "Remember that *ugly* incident
> when Ultimate Ninja said he felt "absolutely invulnerable" during his
> Peril Room session?"


> 	Pocket Man's throat was as dry as the alum and porcelain
> cheesecake Cheesecake Eater Lad had made for the ball.

Why XD

> 	"... and don't forget that motel," she said grinning broadly,
> her head still nestled in his chest, her arms draped over his shoulders.
> "I'm still getting calls from the circus about that."

Heeheeheehee :3

> 	Pocket Man blushed. As deep and true as his love for her was,
> he was still essentially shy and very much stunned by her beauty, and
> the fact that she felt as strongly for him. She simply amazed him.

awwwwwwwwwww <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

> 	"Yes ... no ... I mean ... that's not what I mean," he said,
> beginning to become frustrated by his difficulty saying what was on his
> mind. "I definitely want to go there again with you ... but this time ....
> I thought maybe ... *GULP* ... we could make it ... [thump THUMP thump
> THUMP] ... a ... ummm ... honeymoon?!?" Sweat beaded on his forehead
> and he could swear the synthohol was getting to him.

I love this awkwardness. :D

> 	She lept into his arms and kissed him fully, passionately, far more
> passionately than the cretinous Acrophobe editors were comfortable
> with.


> 	"You silly darling!" she said, smiling. "Don't you know that
> when other writers start including our relationship in their stories,
> that it MUST be something special?

XD It's true

> 	"Pok ... buddy ... don'tcha think yer ol' pal Sarcashtic Lad
> can read you like a book? I've been washin' you make sheeps eyes at
> her fer more than a year now," Sarc explained.

Heeheehee. ^.^ I like Honestly A Good Guy Deep Down Sarcastic Lad.

> 	"BESHT MAN? Me?!? I'd be hon[HIC] ... hon[HIC] ... hon[HIC] ...
> I'd be glad to." With that, Sarcastic Lad, grinning like a schoolboy,
> passed out in a slumped heap in Pocket Man's arms.

Heeheeheeheeeee ^.^

> 	"Can I have everyone's attention, please?" Pocket Man
> bellowed above Huey Lewis and the News, and the 26th time that "Power
> of Love" had played that evening.


> 	A long pause followed as LNHer glared at LNHer. Jaws were agape.
> Eyes were straining to focus. Legs were trying to remain vertical.
> Then suddenly, a thunderous roar erupted from the ballroom as the
> entire mutlitude of heroes began a resounding cheer and voluminous
> laughter. Pocket Man's chest swelled. Organic Lass' eyes teared.
> 	They'd just shared their greatest joy with their closest
> friends ... their family. It was a sign of good things to come.


> 	She drank liquid relaxment from an ancient cup and sighed, turning
> in the wreath of fragrant tobacco smoke from his pipe.  "Yes," she said after
> a millenia had passed.  "It IS a good thing.  It will lighten up this drab,
> unspoken town.

Heeheehee. Fake literary-ness is fun.

> 	She turned back to the window overlooking the asphalt river outside.
> "What will Gamer Boy think of it?"

AH! The origin of "What will Gamer Boy think?" :D

> 	Outside the small arcade, a man has just introduced himself forcefully
> to the street, and found that the street has accepted his gift of liquid
> brotherhood.

That's pretty good tho.

> He turned to look into the little leopard girl's face. She stood as if stunned;
> a blank, lifeless expression on her face.  Her nose, bright pink from their
> energic dancing, had gone white. As he looked, her mouth slowly closed.


> The hallway had been completely destroyed. Long clawmarks ripped across the
> walls. The carpet had been shredded into long strips. One of the wall lights
> sparked for a second before shorting out.

Oop, Kylo Ren's been here.

> Panta was huddled in the window
> seat, her orange-furred shoulders shaking gently with her crying. One bare
> leg was stretched to the floor; she had wrapped her arms around her other
> folded knee.

awwwwwwww sadkitty

> "Look at me!" Panta insisted. She sat up and placing her paws on Kid G's
> shoulders, pulled Kid G closer to her. "I'm a cat masquerading as a human!"
> Kid G stared into her widely spaced eyes with their slit pupils. He pulled
> back a little and noted her nose with its pink nosepad, fine white fur shading
> into the tawny yellow fur around her eyes. "I... I... I don't it matters..."
> he stammered.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

> "A little. I thought when he gave me all those clothes and that towel and those
> school books, he was in love with me. Fooled myself, didn't I?" Panta's voice
> was sad, but not defeated.
> "Oh, you cats," Kid G smiled. "You'll love anyone that gives you something to
> eat."
> Panta startled Kid G by laughing out loud.

:3 You're a good guy, Tsa-- I mean, Kid G.

Drew "very very cute" Perron

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