REPOST/LNH: Eggplant the Easter Miracle Komodo Dragon #3 of 4

Drew Perron pwerdna at
Fri Apr 22 19:54:41 PDT 2016

On 3/26/2016 2:58 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Kid wiped beige egg white off his lips, which were now beige lips.
> "Just wondered what it tasted like, Sarge.  Something wrong?"
> "Why did you drink that you numbskull!  Now your teeth and tongue are
> beige!  You nimrod!"
> "Oh.  I thought the gloves were supposed to protect me from..."
> "They protect your hands!  Your hands -- not your -- Oh, Jesus!


> "What's going on Sarge?!  Aren't the FBI and CIA supposed to be on the
> same side!?

American politics!

> Ah, yes.  Shirley Knott.  Eggplant was in love with her.  And so was
> Cabbage.  And I think Shirley -- well, Shirley was in love with both of
> them.  Maybe if she could have decided which one she loved more -- maybe
> that would have ended the trouble.  Or maybe if the Loonited States
> allowed polyandrous marriages for three different species -- maybe that
> would have settled the bad blood.

Seriously. >:I

> Sarge quickly pulled out his gun.  "Stop!  Eggplant!  Put your claws
> down!  Put them down!  I'm ordering you to spit out Cabbage!  Spit him
> out!  I don't care what he did to you or who you are!  You're not above
> the law!"

fever dream @-@

> "Well, I'll be damned!  I guess the ferret was a magical nazi after all!


Drew "@-@" Perron

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