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On 2016-04-19 20:48, George Phillies wrote:

> “Before we go farther,” Abigail asked, “how is it that I’ve ended up
> with you sitting in my kitchen?  It would be like discovering that you
> are Solara in disguise. I’m not complaining. I’m truly grateful for what
> you do for my children, but the coincidences seem strained.”
> “Why am I here?  Far before you reach my actual age, you realize that
> you want to live in Athens.  The most civilized, cultured, sensible
> place there is. In the tenth Century, that was Heian-kyo. At another
> time, Byzantium, Baghdad, and Cordoba were perhaps more civilized, but
> less welcoming to women. Once upon a time, it was the Leviorkianu
> Domain, and others it was Marik-on-the-Sea or Gaia Atlanticea. And now
> it is Cambridge, the American Athens.

heh, that's about the best explanation I've ever heard for immortals 
hanging out *anywhere*.

At the time of Athens' greatest fame, the most sensible place was 
probably Persia!  Athens at the time, was kind of like an Afghan town 
ruled by elders who believed in exile and/or execution.  (As Socrates 
found out.)  Athens got its reputation in the later world, because it 
*won* that war with Persia.  Indeed, as Persia declined and Rome 
dominated, Athens cashed in on its reputation and became civilized, 
cultured, etc.  Might that perhaps be the period Morgan is referring to?

And, is her name Morgan (instead of Morgana)?  You neglected to mention 
within this episode.

As for the rest of this stuff... I look forward to see how it develops.

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