8FOLD: Mighty Medley # 28, April 2016, by Messrs. Brenton, Perron, Russell, and Stokes

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Sun Apr 17 16:59:52 PDT 2016

On 2016-04-16 12:29, Tom Russell wrote:

> Your humble servant wishes to record his excitement and anticipation
> at the addition of a new serial beginning in our next number, "The
> Science-Blades of Terra Alter", by Adrian McClure. This is welcome
> news as the conclusions to our two oldest serials are just down the
> road a spell.

The Majestic McClure Joins the Mighty Medley!

> ----------------------------------------------------
> -----------------BEYOND THE FIELDS------------------
> ---------------------Part 27------------------------
> -----------Copyright 2016 Saxon Brenton-------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
>     Marcus recognised Obergruppenfuhrer Dane, the Man With The Green
> Gloves, and the necromancer's chair fell backwards and hit the floor
> with a clatter as the he leapt to his feet.

... ah, the story sees some action!  I gather this might be one of the 
serials that is ending soon.

> ----------------------------------------------------
> ----------------- PERSUASION CHECK -----------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
> -------------Copyright 2016 Tom Russell-------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
>     There was a time when a weasel, even a mangy one, could appropriate
> his own eggs, but that was before the Last Human War. Now that
> chickens were radioactive, and grew to be five feet tall, and had two
> heads, raiding the coop was more than any weasel would ever dare.
> Point of fact, most animals were too scared and beaten down by life in
> the wastes to do much of anything other than be scared and beaten
> down.
>     But that just means more tabs for Bunny and Pups.

It is a daring universe that will admit this story into its continuity. 
  But yes, Mary, it's cute.

> ----------------------------------------------------
> ---------------- EMPRESS OF PAGES ------------------
> ----------------------Part 13-----------------------
> -----------Copyright 2016 Colin Stokes--------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
>     There was no mistaking the curious kind of gravity that a summons
> produced; he was finally being pulled back across the gap. And unlike
> a normal summons, where he could choose to respond or delay, the
> Librarian had used his true name; Fn'ordh had precious few moments
> before the connection opened and dragged him through, regardless of
> his will in the matter. He glanced around one final time, and quickly
> shifted to his humanoid form in order to securely gather up all five
> nonsensical volumes, holding them tightly to his chest to keep them
> safe during transit.
>     "Librarian," Fn'ordh rumbled, kneeling, "I have brought you a gift."

Sometimes I lose track, but I assume Our Demon may have found something 
useful.  I guess we'll find out soon.

> ----------------------------------------------------
> --------------- SAFE DISEMPOWERMENT ----------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
> ------------Copyright 2016 Drew Perron--------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
>    "Mmmmmm." Isobel grinned, biting her lip a little. "Thanks, sleighbell."
>    "No problem, jinglebell." She walked, one arm around Isobel, the
> other, holding her hand, into their bedroom and onto the wide, soft
> waterbed. Isobel sat down, and Annabelle sat next to her, opening the
> chest at the end of the bed and taking out what was inside. "All
> right, dear. You're ready?"
>    "Yes'm."
>    "Wonderful." Annabelle reached up and snapped the power suppression
> collar around her neck.
>    Isobel sagged, the weight of the world settling on her, and
> Annabelle caught her, letting her fall gently on the bed. Her body's
> density, the fatigue of battle, of regeneration, whisked away every
> bit of her strength.



I am not the best at following multi-year serials, but I still like 
these stories.

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