[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #54: The House Of Manifest Destiny

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Sat Apr 16 12:01:02 PDT 2016

On 3/23/2016 11:43 PM, wilalambre at gmail.com wrote:
> My name is Brody Dharma, master hero of the Invisible Monks. I am an honoured
> guest in the great ringed galaxy of Hoag, the capital city of the Super Wizard
>  From Space race. And I am witnessing what may be the last days of the august
> and resplendent empire of the Super Wizards From Space.

Oh man. :D More of the Super-Wizard civilization! This is fascinating!

> I take this moment to
> preserve from decay the remembrance of all they've done, so any sentients that
> follow us do not lose them the due meed of their glory.

You know, this sounds like a very subtle burn. <3

> Their indignation isn't surprising. The
> Super Wizards From Space see themselves as the conservators and custodians of
> our endless macrocosm. They take any rebuffs to their self-imposed
> responsibilities as an unforgivable affront. I cannot imagine how shocking it
> must be coming from one of their own.

They might have to force him to regenerate and exile him to Earth!

> It's been long known that the Wizards' science-sorcery gives them unparalleled
> mastery over space, distance, light, and gravity... but these ghastly phenomena
> defy control. They defy definition. They defy _everything_. Even time itself
> strains in proximity to them, stretching thin, making moments feel like
> eternities. It's astonishing enough the Wizards might be able to manipulate
> black holes _at all_... but to construct a cell out of one?

Why, you could call it the *Ultimate* Black Hole `-`

> The prisoner looks out at his fellow Wizards. His voice is stilted, held back,
> as if afraid the words would eat him up as he unleashes them. "Look at you. Look
> at all of you, looking at my uniform with... _disgust_.
> "How _dare_ you.

:3 This is good stuff.

> "But I acknowledge it. I do. Because it _is_ there. It's in every one of you, in
> every Super Wizard From Space. And we have to own up to it; the first step to
> every solution is admitting there's a problem.

That's surprisingly healthy for someone in his situation.

> _They_ didn't spread space-greed into the
> universe... _we did! The Super Wizards From Space!_
> "We're _carriers_. As living reactors, our selfish conceit broils up in us and
> leaks out as radioactive emotion. It's in every shield we conjure and in every
> beam we fire and in every tunnel we carve. Every where we go, everything we do,
> we leave _contamination_. And yet the doctors _refuse_ to diagnose themselves.

Ohhhhhhh. :o Interesting idea.

> The crowd parts. A second terrifying sphere rolls up beside us. It stops right
> beside me and unravels like an orange. Unlike Trifko's, this sphere is unoccupied.
> Cold realization crashes upon me. "I'm to be your hostage."

Oh shit.

> "You'd allow the Red Hand to annihilate us just to satisfy your strong sense of
> duty and tradition. But the philosophies of your unconventional brother go
> against your own.


> "No matter how long it may take us to overcome this uprising, the Super Wizards
>  From Space, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.
> With confidence, with the unbounding determination, we will gain the inevitable
> triumph!"

Oh my god this is literally what they were talking about, you ass XD

Drew "the spaciest greed" Perron

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