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On 2016-04-12 09:17, deucexm wrote:
> And here we are again, back in the Nameless arc, with a Nameless chapter of...
> SYSTEMIC: A DiVerse Alpha Chronicle
> by Colin Stokes
> 01/
> It was another peaceful morning at the Polaris Foundation's headquarters building,
> just like it had been for the past few weeks.  And then the announcement gong rang,
> ruining everything.
> John Peter Polaris lifted his head from his desk with a long-suffering sigh. Not
> again, he muttered internally.  It hadn't even been a month since last time, and
> the Dryden space station was still missing a good two thirds of its structure,
> thanks to that damnable pirate cartel's superweapon.  The time before that, it was
> an infestation of massive tunneling worms that had all but disintegrated the world
> they were eating.
> For an organization supported by the gods themselves, there never seems to be a
> moment's peace around here, John mused darkly.

... ah, good.  Some stories in this universe feel like adventures in 
plumbing or clothes-shopping (until they build up to something).  This 
seems like more of an immediate story, though.

I look forward to more of the DiVerse.

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