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Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 12 19:33:43 PDT 2016

Adrian posted:
>The Net.Trenchcoat Brigade was dead, to begin with. By now, all of its
>members had died, retired, been dragged to Hell, buggered off to
>another dimension, or been reserved. There were still a lot of mages
>who were influenced by them at second or third hand. There were even
>rumors that a new incarnation of the Pet.Trenchcoat Brigade had come
>into being: the Young Animals. But they didn't have the unity they did
>in the old days--like so many other things, there were so many
>different kinds of magic out there now no one could keep track of them

*Gasp*!  Does that mean the old injoke, "The NTB is alive!" is also dead?  :)

Oh, and to answer that question of yours of what NTB characters are Free
For Use -- well, the Pet.Trenchcoat Brigrade (any of the one's I created
would be free for use)

Also my King Mob parody -- The Ring Job.
My Spider Jerusalem parody -- Cockroach Las Vegas

Lady 58.5 (who I think is still alive) would also be free for use..

And if anyone wants to bring the Guy in a Trenchcoat who kills Ninjas
they're welcome to do that.

Arthur "Long Live the NTB!" Spitzer
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