LNH: Another LNH Title? Really? #5

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LNH: Another LNH Title?  Really? #5

[Cover:  The Ultimate Ninja grips a paperclip between two of his

             'That time the Ultimate Ninja clipped
              some papers together with a paperclip'


The Looniverse (Classic Flavor) --
A Strange Planet Filled with Paperclips --
The Time -- Centuries ago...

   Two paperclips loaded their baby paperclip into a rocketship.  As 
the ship zoomed off, an entire planet filled with paperclips violently 
exploded into nothingness.

Decades ago...

   Two people, a man and his wife, glanced at the tiny little rocket 
ship scorched on the road.  Inside it was a very small paperclip.
   "Oh, look, Jonathon!  It's a baby paperclip!"
   "An alien paperclip, Martha!  Look, if it was an alien baby, or 
puppy, or kitten, or cow, or alligator -- that would be different.  But 
it's a freakin' paperclip.  I'm not dealing with this.  I'm just not!  
This is the Feds problem now!"
   "Oh, Jonathon," she said with a disappointed expression.

Years ago...

   "You're going to tell us.  You're going to tell us everything.  
Sooner or Later," said the Fed as he stared with a very serious look at 
the paperclip sitting on a very tiny chair.  "All your secrets.  We 
will find them out!"
   "No you won't."
   "Huh?" said the Fed turning his head.  And it was the last thing he 
did as a bullet burst right into his head leaving a brain and blood 
mural all over the room.
   The muscle bound green pony-tailed gunman with a cyborg eye by the 
name of Born2Die Hardcore grabbed the paperclip.  "Come on!  We're 
getting out of here.  We're finally free!  No, one's ever going to jail 
us again!  No one!!"  And the two crashed out of the building's window 
towards freedom.

Minutes ago...

   Born2Die Hardcore looked at his blood splatter on his white shirt 
that kept growing and growing.  And then he looked at the paperclip in 
his hand.  "You -- you were the only thing that ever made any sense in 
this crazy world.  This is it.  I'm sorry -- can't -- can't feel..."  
And then Born2Die Hardcore went silent.  His eyes went dead.
   "So, who was this guy?" said Fuzzy checking Born2Die Hardcore's 
   "Some supervillain called Born2Die Hardcore," said Puts-Paperclips-
on-the-Ultimate-Nina's-Desk Lad.  "Ooh, look!  It's a paper clip!"  And 
he quickly snatched it.
   "Don't -- that's evidence!" Fuzzy started to say as he quickly ran 
off with the paperclip.  "Oh, Jesus."

Seconds ago...

   Puts-Paperclips-on-the-Ultimate-Nina's-Desk Lad looked at the 
paperclip in his hands and then at the Ultimate Ninja's desk.  "I'm 
going to put you on this desk.  Oh, yes I am -- little paperclip!" he 
said with a perverse grin on his face.
   "Why?" said a voice emerging from shadows.  The voice of the 
Ultimate Ninja.  "Why do keep putting these damn paperclips on my desk?  
Why are you a member of the LNH?  Why did any writer think it was a 
good idea to create you and put you in an LNH story?"
   "Umm?" responded Puts-Paperclips-on-the-Ultimate-Nina's-Desk Lad.
   "Oh, never mind.  It doesn't really matter.  Not really.  Just give 
me that stupid paperclip."  And then the Ultimate Ninja used his 
incredible ninja paperclip clipping powers to clip a couple of pieces 
of paper together.


Fuzzy -- Connie Hirsch

Ultimate Ninja -- wReam

Puts-Paperclips-on-the-Ultimate-Nina's-Desk Lad, Born2Die Hardcore, 
and the nameless Paperclip -- Arthur Spitzer

Writer's Notes:  Okay.  This was intended for Drew Perron's monthly
LNH Comics Present thing, but I accidentally posted it to RACC instead
(of course it was probably too long for the one page limit anyways).
So, here it is again posted as another issue of 'Another LNH Series,

Puts-Paperclips-on-the-Ultimate-Nina's-Desk Lad is Free for Use
(Not that I can imagine anyone (including Saxon Brenton) ever
wanting to actually use this character.

Arthur "Sigh.." Spitzer

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