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On Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 12:17:48 PM UTC-4, deucexm wrote:
> It was another peaceful morning at the Polaris Foundation's headquarters
> building, just like it had been for the past few weeks.  And then the
> announcement gong rang, ruining everything.

That's just like the announcement gong. >:/

> It hadn't even been a month since last time, and the Dryden space station was
> still missing a good two thirds of its structure, thanks to that damnable
> pirate cartel's superweapon.  The time before that, it was an infestation of
> massive tunneling worms that had all but disintegrated the world they were
> eating.

Aaaaaaa I love worlds that feel rich and like they have a lot going on

> John wasn't an athlete by any stretch of the imagination - pursuits of the
> body had never interested him much - but the rejuvenation treatments and
> generally healthy living conditions here had kept him a much younger man than
> his 183 years would otherwise have allowed.  He expected no less, of course,
> since the Foundation was located on the Nilium Collective's capital world - 
> if that was even the right term for it.  First among equals, perhaps.

I also love the Nilium Collective <3 For obvious reasons

> The Polaris family certainly had prospered over the centuries, no one could
> doubt that; but some days - including today - John found himself wondering
> whether the stress of these interstellar escapades was worth it all; and,
> frankly, whether anyone else shared his opinion.  His sons and daughters
> certainly seemed to enjoy themselves while gallivanting about the known
> universe, brushing up against - occasionally butting heads with - danger of
> all kinds.
> Well, perhaps their enjoyment is enough, after all, John thought with a tired 
> little smile as he pushed open the solid metal double doors and strode into
> the announcement hall.

Awwwwww. <3 <3 <3 I'm surprised we haven't run into them before!

> Immediately, the air took on a different quality, a kind of thickness flowing 
> outward from the gong, noticeable by the tiny golden scintillation effects it 
> produced.  The floor beneath the gong took on a similarly golden hue that
> began to spread outward toward the walls, the room's rough and rocky surfaces
> smoothing into a single flat sheet as the machine of the gods prepared the
> bridge between two planes of existence.

I love these special effects. They're very visualize-able.

> Or at least as gravely as Tieria ever managed to sound, which was more like a
> peevish university professor giving a lecture.


> "Such a /lovely/ word, that," trilled Hekel, God of Deception, on the right.  
> "Complications are so /exciting/, aren't they?"

I love Hekel. I love that this pantheon's God of Deception is all about style and performance.

> "If you consider the destruction of an entire star system 'less than ideal',
> I suppose that's /one/ way of understating it."

Something something shock deaths in comics

> John's expression went from neutral to just slightly sour.  "Ah, so we're
> cleaning up the messes of others now?  Some reason we can't simply let the
> galaxy's worst human- ah, sentient rights violators enjoy the harvest of
> their actions?  The pirates are cruel and callous bastards, but at least they
> don't have the oppression of the spirit down to a bloody /art/ like the
> damned Empire does."


> "As for the 'why'..."  He tapped his chin lightly, and lifted the silver
> cane, twirling it.  "Dio said it was important."
> The other two Deities turned to look at Hekel, whose smile widened the
> tiniest bit. "What, did he not /tell/ you that?  Or did you not ask?"


> "Such a shame," Rosewood murmured.  "And here I was, looking forward to
> meeting young James and Theresa again; they show such promise.

Rosewood you wanna snog mortals, don't deny it

> But who will aid us, then, if not the brightest stars of the Polaris
> bloodline?"
> The corners of John's mouth twitched upward just slightly.  "Let's just say
> I've got someone in mind."

Drew "DUN DUN DUNNN" Perron

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