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Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Apr 7 19:32:51 PDT 2016

What Has Gone Before...

On 2016-04-07 09:09, Adrian McClure wrote:
> WikiBoy collapsed to the grounds. "So what's going on?"
> "Denial of service attack. I'm gonna take care of it. Wanna help?"
> "Sure. It's not like I have anything better to do." WIkiBoy shrugged.
> "Ok. Hey you know what would be cool? If you were an AI mini-tank.
> Cause I feel like I should have one."
> "OK," said WikiBoy.
> "OK! You're a Tachikoma. Bam!" She snapped her fingers, and so he was.
> "Whee!" said the WikiKoma.
> And together, they burst into the LNHQ lobby, with Token Girl hurrying
> after them...


Meanwhile, Amnesiac Brad Pitt wandered around...  somewhere.  With his 
Net.Trenchcoater Brigade powers, he could get very far from home.  And 
with his amnesia, he couldn't get back until the other Brad Pitts 
rescued him.

After enough rescues, the Brad Pitts mystically recorded his home town 
inside LNHQ.  Surely as long as LNHQ stood, Amnesiac Brad Pitt could 
mystically connect to it and find his way to the city where he lived. 
He could find his own way from there.

But then the LNHQ was destroyed.  And then rebuilt.  And then destroyed. 
  When Prankster Brad Pitt rescued him once during that period, Amnesiac 
Brad Pitt did not enjoy it at all.  But Amnesiac Brad Pitt could tell, 
the LNHQ was standing now.

So he asked the LNHQ, "*Where* do I live?"

The LNHQ responded, "Brad Pitt is a Oscar-nominated actor created by 
Jane Etta (née Hillhouse), William Alvin Pitt, and RACCCon 2012."

"I still remember that.  But where do I *live*????"

"Information unknown."

"... DAMMIT!"


Author's Note:  Well, that's where *I* stand on leaving out information 
from the Wiki just because it was funny once.  But I'm not bitter... 
'cause we can *make* it funny again!  8{D>

(signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -------- http://www.eilertech.com/ ---------

When you *are* the leader... whatever goes wrong... whether you did it
or not... *you* are held responsible. - Barack Obama

I know. - Archie Andrews

- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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