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Meanwhile, Token Girl was sitting in the pizza pit, watching the LNHQ
explode and then unexplode.

"So," said Catalyst Lass, "have you watched Steven Universe yet?

"What's that again?" Token Girl turned away from the window and
slumped on the table. "Oh yeah, the gay rock show. I'm thinking about
it. I mean it looks pretty, but..."

"It has a really complex and mature view of relationships and their
development. Way more than a lot of shows for adults. And it's got a
strong diverse cast--"

"--Which we could really use more of."

"As soon as I can get the writers to create more stuff."

"Yeah, well good luck with that. Wasn't there supposed to be a new
volume of LNH by now?" Uh, maybe?

"OK, so." She leaned forward. "Steven Universe. How about it."

"Well, I dunno, it looks like it's a bit... Sappy? Too cute?"

"Tara. Tara, listen to me. You have a life size Totoro plushie."

"Well, OK, I kind of do. But... Miyazaki is Miyazaki, you know?"

"Well, I'd say that Rebecca Sugar is one of the few creators in
animation who has that kind of distinctive imagination and depth of
vision that he does. Team SU's working in a different context and
medium from Ghibli but they're just as good at what they do."

"Huh. OK, I'll give it a try. Or I will when our HQ stops blowing up."

"Mhm. Good point," says Catalyst Lass, tapping on the window. "I hope
someone gets it sorted out soon..."

"Hey guys!" says Merissa. "I hear that you have a problem!"

"Well, yeah," said Token GIrl, indicating the exploding/unexploding
LNHQ outside.

"What's going on?"

"It's a denial of service attack," said MPL. Having been summoned by
his plot-device to exposit as needed, he then immediately shifted back
to his own table, grumbling at the storyline.

"Oh!" said Merissa. Her face lit up. "Well it's a good thing I'm here!
It sounds like what you need is..." She dashed off to the bathroom.
Token Girl fidgeted and moved to get up. "Shhhh," said Cat, raising
her finger to her lips. "She's not done yet."

Merissa burst back into the Pizza Pit with an outfit not unlike Major
Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, along with some
fancy mirrorshades. "...Merissa, the Ultimate CyberHacker! Bugs
blasted while you wait! Yeah!" She raised her Mega-Ultra-BIGGUN 2.0
into the air with a flourish.

"Tara, did you show her that?" Cat whispered. Token Girl nodded.
"Well, OK... Just don't let her watch Dirty Pair." She turned to
Merissa. "What's your plan?"

"I'm going to go in and help the hackers save the HQ! I'm half virus
myself, yanno?"

"OK, sounds good." She patted Merissa on the shoulder. "Just... be
careful, and don't call yourself the 'Ultimate' anything when the
Ninja's around, OK? He's still kind of touchy." [after LNH v2

Merissa marched off, the gun strapped to a holster on her back that
she really shouldn't be able to support. "Oh jeez," said Token Girl.
"Someone's got to look after her and keep her from doing anything too
blow-things-up-y." And she dashed off after Merissa. Then she stopped
in her tracks. "Wait, I'm trying to get people to do the sensible
thing? Am I getting old?"

"Maybe!" said Cat. "I worry about that too. But you're only as old as
the sliding time scale affects any given story."

"OK." Token Girl dashed after her again.


In the street across from the LNHQ, Merissa ran across a giant stick
of dynamite. "WikiBoy, is that you?" she said.

The stick of dynamite grunted affirmatively.

She grabbed Bad Judgment Boy, who was standing nearby, by the nape of
his neck, pointing the Ultra-Mega-BIGGUN 2.0 in his face. "Hey, you.
Did you turn WikiBoy into a giant stick of dynamite again?"

"Um... no?"

Merissa's smile glinted. "GOOD." She dropped him on the ground, then
snapped her fingers. "WIkiBoy, you're not a giant stick of dynamite
anymore. Bam!"

WikiBoy collapsed to the grounds. "So what's going on?"

"Denial of service attack. I'm gonna take care of it. Wanna help?"

"Sure. It's not like I have anything better to do." WIkiBoy shrugged.

"Ok. Hey you know what would be cool? If you were an AI mini-tank.
Cause I feel like I should have one."

"OK," said WikiBoy.

"OK! You're a Tachikoma. Bam!" She snapped her fingers, and so he was.

"Whee!" said the WikiKoma.

And together, they burst into the LNHQ lobby, with Token Girl hurrying
after them...


On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 11:46 PM, Drew Perron <pwerdna at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/1/2016 9:11 PM, Adrian McClure wrote:
>> I tried to look something up on the Wiki but it looks like it's down
>> again, so...
> Natch! But it's been up and down today, so how about...
>> On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 1:31 PM, Drew Perron <pwerdna at gmail.com
>> <mailto:pwerdna at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     Multi-Tasking Man folded his hands in front of his face and leaned
>> back.
>>     "No, it couldn't be that. There's still an unfinished RACCies
>> storyline out
>>     there, and after all the fuss they made in JAC about writers not
>> finishing
>>     their stories, they *probably* wouldn't start another one."
>>     "Oh." wReamhack slumped back in his chair. "Then... it's probably just
>> a
>>     coincidence."
>> "Hold on a minute," said Multi-Tasking Man, taking a break from debating
>> the new
>> Homestuck update on tumblr, designing more effective blocking tools for
>> social
>> media, and building a giant pickle in Minecraft. "What's that ticking
>> noise?"
>> "Oh, probably a bomb," said wReamhack. He blinked. "Oh crap, it's a bomb."
>> And the LNHQ exploded again.
>> "Well," said Victoria, watching the explosion through the window of the
>> Pizza
>> Pit, "at least it wasn't us this time."
> Then the LNHQ unexploded, flames sucking back in and building putting itself
> back together.
> Victoria and the people I can finally start calling the Liminals blinked.
> Then the LNHQ re-exploded. Then it unexploded again. Then it froze
> mid-explosion, pieces of masonry hanging in the air, Domestic Lad floating
> upside-down with comedically bugged-out eyes.
> "Masterplan Lad--" said Victoria.
> "On it," he said, holding up his umbrella-shaped Plot Device.
> "Some kind of time loop?" said Net.Access, tilting her head. "It might be a
> loopweaver that wandered into our continuum."
> "Maybe someone's changing history, like in Retcon Hour, and we're seeing
> histories with explody LNHQs overlap with explosionless LNHQs!" said Manga
> Girl.
> "It's not a temporal effect," said Masterplan Lad, frowning. "It's
> information-based. Someone's trying to do a denial-of-service attack on the
> LNHQ itself!"
> Drew "DUN DUN DUNNNNN" Perron

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