LNH/WWW: Extend-a-Story and the Legion

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Wed Apr 6 13:24:24 PDT 2016

So this year, I've been going back and writing on a site that was formative
for me as a writer back in the day, Extend-a-Story. That's a branching
choose-your-own adventure site that has been going since 1999, descendend
from the now-defunct Addventure.com

Anyway, the main interactive stories active right now are:

The Never Ending Quest: http://www.sir-toby.com/extend-a-story/story-1/ A
story about a knight called Lord Frederigo D'Honaire who travels to some
underground caves to slay a dragon. It goes off in all kind of directions,
from serious fantasy to shitposting; there are also threads about other
protagonists. Some of the other characters from Fre'ds world include
Princess Astra of Aquilaria, an Amazon warrior type, and Exotica, princess
of Fred's Great Kingdom and potential mage of great power, both of whom are
in this thread. I developed a lot of my tendencies and style in NEQ, and it
inspired things like the dragon in the LNHQ's basement in LNH20.

The Black Void: http://www.sir-toby.com/extend-a-story/story-2/ The second
story on EAS, which is a bit darker and more abstract, on the whole. And
yet the LNH crossover there wound up there for some reason.

Horsehockey: http://www.horsehockey.org/ A much more surreal and shitpost-y
story, mostly set more in the present day but going all over the place and
then some. There've been multiple different incarnations of Horsehockey and
it has a history of going up and down unpredictably.

Anyway, the episode's here:
There's a brief summery of all the fourth-wall-breaking stuff that leads up
to it here: http://www.sir-toby.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=4466.

Also, the Ultimate Hero, minion of the Crossover Queen, is a version of
Fred. I originally wanted to crosspollinate LNH and NEQ but then changed my
mind, but recently reread Constellation and enjoyed all the
crosspollinating Dvandom did, so I decided to do that myself. There'll also
be an NEQ character in the story I'm writing for Flash!

Adrian "The Dark Spaceknight" McClure, now with sig

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.--William Blake
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