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On 2/8/2016 8:59 PM, deucexm wrote:
> But for a moment, she surged her consciousness into a state approximating 'awake',
> and felt - as she always did - the millions of lives ebbing and flowing beneath her
> fingertips; swirling around her body, touching her in the non-physical but all-too-
> real way that only a fellow Core could ever understand.
> Not that she /had/ fellow Cores, or anyone - anything - else.  She was alone here.
> She was always alone, despite her best efforts to the contrary.


> Now it was simply a matter of routine: the
> reactors would create energy, she would regulate it and pass it to the E-System,
> and that system would provide it to its authorized users.
> And those users would burn, and fade away, their lives spent; and new users would
> replace them, and they too would burn and fade.  But there would always be more.
> And she would always be there to watch over it all.
> Alone.


> At the edge of her perception, one of the users screamed; and the E-System pulsed,
> replying to the urgent request with a burst of energy.  The user burned fiercely
> for an instant, then vanished.

DAMN this is a nice drama. @. at v

Drew "I love this whole idea" Perron

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