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Thu Sep 10 16:25:26 PDT 2015

On 9/9/2015 1:13 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>     I sit at my word processor and remember my injured pride. Paragon
>     would not grovel, would not bow to my ultimate power over him. Now, I
>     must show him pain. I must show him the power I possess over his
>     destiny. From this chapter on, nothing you know of Paragon will be the
>     same. I shall make him grim and gritty. He shall beg me for sweet
>     release.

That's a good place to go from the "I made the protagonist fight the next 
author" scenes in the last issue.

>     "Yes, Mary Lu has destroyed the collective. I feel their deaths, a
>     thousand souls screaming out in agony," Malevo said.
>     Paragon looked up. "But there were only three in the collective," he
>     reminded the villain.
>     "Three souls screaming out in agony!"

Heeheehee. <3

>     "Oh, my dim-witted ally. All I have to do is point the Jas Rswert at
>     Mary Lu, say "bubbacalo simbioliolious", dance in a circle three
>     times, and then wink at her and she shall be sent to the domain of the
>     damned.
>     "You mean like this," Paragon said, pointing the device at Malevo.
>     "Bubbacalo simbioliolious."
>     "Yeah just like that so far," Malevo said.
>     Paragon then danced in a circle 3 times and winked at Malevo.
>     "Pretty good" the bad guy said as he disappeared in a puff of
>     sulfurous smoke.

I rather like this chapter. <3

>     "But you're dead. I killed you both," Mary Lu cried seeing the
>     Ultimate Twins.
>     "Do you really think we'd put ourselves in any real danger? Get real.
>     What you killed were our Ultimate Life Model Decoys. With them, we get
>     to have the ultimate fun without the ultimate danger," Tina retorted.
>     "Ah, kids today," sighed Mary Lu.

I think this is a worthwhile retcon - it stays within the comic book tropes that 
are being parodied here, and opens back up possibilities that had been closed.

>     "Our life and our kids."
>     Paragon danced in a circle three times.
>     Mary Lu finished saying, "Dirk, Mary Lu, Tito and Tina" as Paragon
>     winked at her. She vanished in a puff of sulfurous smoke.
>     "Dad?" said Tina.
>     "Dad!" said Tito.
>     "Dad?" whispered Paragon.

Not sure about this one, tho. It seems rather obvious, and since we didn't 
really have an idea of their relationship before this revelation, we're not 
really going to see it change. (Even if the later authors stay on this track, 
which, let's face it, probably not.)

>     I have done my part in this story. I have had my revenge on Paragon.

Actually, he pretty much had all straightforward wins in this!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, *irony trombone*

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