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>> I awoke at half past dark.  To put it mildly, I hurt.
> Hmmmmm. Should we know who this is right now? (The obvious choice is Eclipse,
> with the injuries happening in the challenge for the Namestone - but there's
> nothing *explicitly* pointing there yet...)

>> Just before I sliced the
>> last fellow open from guggle
> A hidden pocket for a flask of alcohol.
>> to zatch
> A minor functionary in the Celestial Court.



Seriously, much appreciated.

Guggle and zatch  The reference is to James Thurber, The 13 Clocks. 
However, that was a child's book that I remember from 60 years ago, so 
the reference is a trifle obscure. The fellow is slit open if I recall 
correctly from guggle to zatch, which I interpreted as being from throat 
through midsection.


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