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Wed Nov 18 23:18:28 PST 2015

On 11/2/2015 11:26 PM, George Phillies wrote:
>    Kang lectured, several evenings a week, on the hidden energies that
> underlay all gifts.  His large classes were televised.  He also gave
> entirely private classes to select students, many of whom were on their
> national persona teams, and some of whom were said to be wanted by
> members of those persona teams.  Registration lists for private classes
> were well-kept secrets.


> The sports viewscreens
> were now showing the Namestone's video broadcast of the challenger,
> someplace in the Maze.  The view was always from behind.  The
> challenger's face was never seen.

I love the casual implications of this paragraph - instead of exposition on how 
the Namestone and Atlantis and the challenges work, it's just putting one out 
their and letting the readers draw their conclusions.

> He couldn’t hide from the windows, though, windows that were
> brighter when the defenders of the Maze did well, dimmer when the
> challenger advanced.  The same was true all around the world.
> Suddenly all went black outside.  He couldn’t resist glancing at the
> news feed. “Bangkok - sky is pitch black.

Is this saying that the sun is brighter or darker depending on the challenger's 
progress? At first, I thought the windows were reflecting the TV, then I thought 
there were some kind of planes of light that appeared in midair, then, I think, 
I understood.

> The challenger stood in the Tomb of the Martyr, the final resting place
> of the man who had brought the Namestone to Earth.  There was the Martyr
> himself, lying in state atop his sarcophagus, his corpse unchanged over
> the thousands of years he had waited.  Above his hands floated a glowing
> sphere of crystalline sky, the brightest of cerulean blues.  He held the
> Namestone, The Artifact That Grants Every Wish, The Key to Paradise.

Aaaaaaaaa. <3 This is very very cool.

> Sweat
> plastered her hair to her scalp. Stains and rends in the fabric vanished
> as she approached the Martyr.    Her hair fluffed out, revealing short,
> platinum-white, perfectly cut curls. Down from the ceiling floated a
> gray cape. It folded over her shoulders, draping perfectly, its fall
> extending almost to her ankles.  She reached down and tugged at the
> fabric. The cape flared, revealing a sigil, a solid circle overlapping a
> sun in glory.


> “Then reach out, Eclipse, and take the Namestone.”  Eclipse cleared her
> throat.  Someday, Kang thought, her children will cower in terror at
> that harmless sound.


> The cheers from the restaurant audience were deafening.

Ohhhhhh, this is a *fascinating* reaction. <3 Especially with what's coming. :D

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, yes good.

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