SW10: Superhuman World 2015 Annual: Stonewater Smith - The End!

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On 10/29/2015 10:07 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:

Ooooh. A prose story. Let's see what--

> In a hospice facing the beach, Fidel Castro faced the end.  He faced it every
> day he woke up.  He'd woken up to *so many days*, mostly for fighting one way or
> another.  Days seemed so cold now...


> "... Okay.  I fought against you back then.  I just wanted to say, goodbye."
> Fidel reached up and grasped the stranger's hand.  "I understand. Bueno, Mister
> Matthew Stonewater Smith.  Buena vida para usted."

Awwww. :<

> "And good life to you too... what little we have left."  SeƱor Smith paused, and
> said, "You seem so calm.  Not like me.  I've done so many bad things, and I've
> *climbed out of Hell* for it.  I'm so afraid I'll just fall back in."
> Fidel recognized a spiritually wounded warrior.  "So you are like many who
> fought alongside me."

Awwwwwww! <3 What a fascinating emotional interaction.

> Two other men had appeared in the room.  One was in a grey tuxedo, top hat, and
> opera cloak.  His skin appeared sunburned.  His hair, curly mustache, and goatee
> were black and sweaty...  Fidel couldn't recall the last time he'd seen anyone
> sunburned or sweating from the heat in Cuba, ever since the weather changed.
> The other was long-haired, in a trenchcoat with wide-brimmed brown hat - and his
> face was a death's head.  That one said, "That would be *our* cue."


> The Devil said, "I realize you have
> jurisdiction over these two at the moment, but I request permission to address
> my client."  He then bowed, and handed Death a business card.
> Death responded, "Fair enough.  Let it never be said I have no sympathy."


> "Really.  The others considered recruiting you for an army of the damned... as
> though one more soldier will make a difference.  Hell has better things to worry
> about than any one human who already fears it."
> "Really??  Is damnation really that easy to escape?"

Naturally. If it's a condition of the spirit, then all you need to do is change 
- admittedly, one of the hardest things in the universe.

> Their own death's head man walked up to her, linked hands with her, and said,
> "Vara.  Delivered."
> The death's head woman said, "Wyatt.  Received."  She unlinked.  "You'd best
> come no further."
> "Going..."  He ducked away in a cloud!

Fascinating. It's mysterious even when I know what's going on. <3

> Fidel looked at his hand.  It was young!
> He felt his face.  It lacked its old wrinkles!
> He looked at his beard.  It was brown again, with just a distinguished touch of
> silver!
> Lucianus said, "I know what you're thinking, Fidel.  But it's no heaven, and no
> miracle.  There's just an abundance of retcotheric energy around here."

Oho! <3 Fascinating.
> Author's Notes:  I've been trying to save this story for when either Bill Cosby
> or Fidel Castro died.

Interesting choices to say the least.

> But Earthlings of
> good will who have any sort of history with the Powernaut are probably there
> with him.

Very interesting.

> -  Kwame "Ron" Cannon, in the little-known vignette "1-800-Powernaut!".  This is
> the one which didn't quite make it into "The Little Legion of Doom!" in Jolt
> City #19 in 2010.  I think I posted that to rec.arts.comics.creative after it
> was released from consideration, but it's pretty secret now.  Still, I kept a
> copy...  Hey, Mighty Medley! (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2010/crisis.txt)


> Retcotheric energy was (to my knowledge) invented by Adrian J. McClure.

Actually, it's an LNH concept dating back to the very early days. I'm honestly 
not sure who used the term first. Still - makes a lot of sense here.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, up too late, but just fascinated

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