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[LNH] Cover Gallery #i30

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The cover shows a pleased and triumphant looking GAMER BOY, wearing 
he Insanity Gauntlet and glowing with cosmic power. He has his 
hands outstretched to direct the movements of a whirling swarm of 
planets Earth that are floating before him.

Behind Gamer Boy is a surprised looking blue-skinned alien: the Elder 
of the Looniverse known as the RACCELESTIAL TOYMAKER.

Gamer Boy exclaims: "It may be the case that cosmic forces have set 
in motion a Crossover Event, and that alternate Looniearths are 
about to collide with each other.

"And you, Toymaker, may have decided to hold another gladatorial 
combat between superheroes to decide which Earth would survive in 
a knockout tournament. 

"But I, Gamer Boy, have decided to play another game! By twisting 
the Earths around each other as if they were parts of a four 
dimensional puzzle, I will keep *any* of them from colliding - and 
they will all survive!"

The cover blurb proclaims: The Legion of Net.Heroes has no patience 
for your "Only one shall survive" defeatism.

][][][][][][][][][][][< * * * * * * * * * * *>][][][][][][][][][][][

Authors notes: The cover is a reference to the two current story Events 
from both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, where in the one way or another 
superheroes have been set up to fight each other to see whose universe 
will survive. This is more a reference to the Marvel's 'Incursion' 
than to DC's 'Convergence', although the notion of outside observers 
setting up combat for their own entertainment is common to both.

The RACCelestial Toymaker is an Elder of the Looniverse obsessed with 
games. He's a mashup of the Marvel's Grandmaster (an Elder of the 
Universe obsessed with games), and Dr Who's Celestial Toymaker (a 
generic cosmic entity obsessed with games). I'm assuming he looks 
like the late actor Michael Gough done up in blueface makeup.

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