LNH20: Clueless Lad Team-Up #3: Artwork and Cover Gallery

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Tue Mar 24 19:12:40 PDT 2015

Why yes, this is for the current issue of Clueless Lad Team-Up #3 
featuring the Great Catastrophe, from 2012.  It would be silly for me to 
write another issue before he gets out of stasis...  unless, of course, 
I have Mentus the Mouse break him out or something.  Heh heh.


Compare and contrast with my most recent previous Significant Characters 
Glowering As A Motivational Poster cover:  Ellipsis vs. the Super Wizard 
from Space.  Really.


I also cleaned up the cover of Clueless Lad Team-Up #2.  It needed 
*something* to say Clueless Lad and the Kiwis were charging into a mine, 
and darkness, and stuff.


I once boasted the "Kiwi" cover took an hour.  I took about two hours on 
the "Great Catastrophe" cover, because I've tightened my publication 
standards in the past three-or-so years.

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