SW10/PRECOG: SW10 and Powernaut Coming Attractions

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 08:00:46 PDT 2015

On Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 10:02:17 PM UTC-4, Scott Eiler wrote:
> I've been planning this for quite a while.  Most of the Powernaut's 
> audience will get these updates in trickles as I take time off.  But 
> RACC gets the full stream!

Whoa, this is a lot. <3

> *  Powernaut 1976:  A Very Powernaut Bicentennial!


> *  Powernaut 2012 Episode 1:  Power School!  It's every Powernaut, all 
> together, teaching high school!  I'm introducing some stuff in this 
> series which makes a sequel inevitable - and it's pretty exciting.  Or 
> at least *I'm* excited.  For one thing, it makes a power of one of the 
> Powernaut 1944 guest stars a foundation of the universe...

Fascinating. O.o

> After that, I have two ways I could go.  I'm still deciding which way to 
> go first.  Either way will likely consume the remainder of 2015.
> *  Powernaut 1985 Part 1:  Secret Super Crisis Wars!  Weird heroes from 
> other universes are rising, with things like animal ninja powers, giant 
> robots, magic swords, and battle pets!

Ooooooh. This one please.

> (2)  It's fun.  It starts 
> out with that sad sort of Crisis / Dark Knight / Watchmen ambiance, but 
> that only lasts until you meet the Mighty Man-Sword of Manly-Man!  The 
> second part will be, Crisis of Multiple Powernauts!


> *  Superhuman World Annual 2013:  Where does U.S. President "Crusher" 
> Joe Corrigan go when he's out of office?  There might be some crushing 
> involved.


> *  Superhuman World Annual 2014:  Wyatt Ferguson 2011 was once bounced 
> between 2014 and 1971.  He left a functioning Wyatt behind in 1971.  So 
> that probably happened in 2014 too.  What does *that* Wyatt do?

If it's anything like what I did in 2014, he scrambles to find enough temp jobs to pay the bills! <3

> *  Superhuman World Annual 2015:  The fate of Stonewater Smith!  He 
> lived a full life, and then came out of Hell for more!  (Really.  His 
> first appearance in 2010 guest-starred the Devil!) 

...I must say, I would not have expected him as a damned soul.

> *  The Superhuman World Wiki!  Ellipsis and Wyatt Ferguson have noticed 
> that the Powernaut and the Chancellor Wyatt get wiki pages and they 
> don't.  This, of course, is because only *some* heroes qualify for LNH 
> wiki pages.  I can at least rectify this for *two* heroes.  I write my 
> own HTML, so I don't need a wiki engine.  But if I get really, really 
> bored, I can write some wiki stuff to search my web pages for 
> appearances and stuff.

Hmmmmm, fascinating. 

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, SW10 vs. LNH20: The Action Fighting Miniseries

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