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Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Mar 19 19:02:17 PDT 2015

I've been planning this for quite a while.  Most of the Powernaut's 
audience will get these updates in trickles as I take time off.  But 
RACC gets the full stream!


Up next for the Powernaut, these things are drawn (when needed) and 
ready to incorporate into documents...

*  The Powernaut All-Star Break!  I take a month off from publishing 
Powernaut comics around this time each year, so as to pump out the 
RACCie Awards Ceremony and any other text goodness that may arise.  I 
usually do this in May, but I may move that forward so as to give people 
a Powernaut comic each week after what comes in early May...

*  Free Powernaut Comic Day 2015 - consisting of Powernaut 1976 and 
1979!  These are stories never seen before, but coming soon to the web 
site with commentary!  (Perhaps I shall publish the free comic in black 
and white this time, just to make a point for people to come back for 
more of the same, only in color.)  Then, of course...

*  Powernaut 1976:  A Very Powernaut Bicentennial!  American goodness in 
three issues!  I'll put a preview in the group soon, because it meets 
the RACC High Concept Buddy Challenge!

*  Powernaut 1979:  Yum!  More goodness, related to sweet flavor!  One 
issue.  This should take the Powernaut through May 2015.


Then:  These things are plotted with rough draft.  I've even started on 
art for the first episode.  It's Powernaut Summer Fun, in two parts!

*  Powernaut 2005 Episode 6:  You're In the Army Now!  After all that 
Spanker 4 stuff, the United States is very interested in the 
capabilities of a certain superheroic killing machine.  They may not get 
quite what they wanted, but they *will* get some patrolling in Iraq! 
Six issues - ending the 2005 series!  Then, finally...

*  Powernaut 2012 Episode 1:  Power School!  It's every Powernaut, all 
together, teaching high school!  I'm introducing some stuff in this 
series which makes a sequel inevitable - and it's pretty exciting.  Or 
at least *I'm* excited.  For one thing, it makes a power of one of the 
Powernaut 1944 guest stars a foundation of the universe...  Six issues. 
  This takes the Powernaut through August 2015.


After that, I have two ways I could go.  I'm still deciding which way to 
go first.  Either way will likely consume the remainder of 2015.

*  Powernaut 2006 Episode 1:  The Clenching Fist of Iowa!  Depowered 
superhumans from Spanker 4's reality shift are being detained in a 
Midwestern prison camp!  But is Iowa ready for even a ceremonial visit 
from the Powernaut?  This will lead to two more episodes, which will 
conclude the tale of Powernaut 2005.  Like 2005, this is a story 
previously told at eilertech.com/stories/ - but it only improves when 
the Powernaut gets to it.

*  Powernaut 1985 Part 1:  Secret Super Crisis Wars!  Weird heroes from 
other universes are rising, with things like animal ninja powers, giant 
robots, magic swords, and battle pets!  Forces from beyond have 
different opinions about this - and the Powernaut is drawn in!  I'm 
leaning toward this one, because:  (1)  It's important.  This will 
finish the story of Powernaut 1968, and lead to several Powernaut series 
from 1987 to 1999.  When I get through 1999, the important stories about 
the historical Powernauts will all be told!  (2)  It's fun.  It starts 
out with that sad sort of Crisis / Dark Knight / Watchmen ambiance, but 
that only lasts until you meet the Mighty Man-Sword of Manly-Man!  The 
second part will be, Crisis of Multiple Powernauts!


However, the Powernaut is only part of the story.  He left behind the 
baseline Superhuman World in 2011.  That world is now ready to charge 
forward to the present day!  I might leave these stories to absorb High 
Concept Challenges, each in their turn.

*  Superhuman World Annual 2013:  Where does U.S. President "Crusher" 
Joe Corrigan go when he's out of office?  There might be some crushing 

*  Superhuman World Annual 2014:  Wyatt Ferguson 2011 was once bounced 
between 2014 and 1971.  He left a functioning Wyatt behind in 1971.  So 
that probably happened in 2014 too.  What does *that* Wyatt do?  I'm 
still deciding; I might need a High Concept Challenge to help me with 
that one.  But I do have a role for him in the next annual...

*  Superhuman World Annual 2015:  The fate of Stonewater Smith!  He 
lived a full life, and then came out of Hell for more!  (Really.  His 
first appearance in 2010 guest-starred the Devil!)  What'll he do when 
the end comes back near?  Featuring Fidel Castro and a constellation of 
guest stars!


But that's still not enough.  My employer has warned me to be ready for, 
err, small periods of time off to pursue personal projects.  This kind 
of thing cries out for:

*  The Superhuman World Wiki!  Ellipsis and Wyatt Ferguson have noticed 
that the Powernaut and the Chancellor Wyatt get wiki pages and they 
don't.  This, of course, is because only *some* heroes qualify for LNH 
wiki pages.  I can at least rectify this for *two* heroes.  I write my 
own HTML, so I don't need a wiki engine.  But if I get really, really 
bored, I can write some wiki stuff to search my web pages for 
appearances and stuff.

(signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -------- http://www.eilertech.com/ ---------

When you *are* the leader... whatever goes wrong... whether you did it
or not... *you* are held responsible. - Barack Obama

I know. - Archie Andrews

- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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