DIVA: Jetbird and the Kid #2

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On 3/15/2015 6:15 PM, deucexm wrote:
> Finally, another entry from the halls of the DiVerse!


> Jetbird close
> behind in his dark green Zouave jacket and faded black shirt and trousers,

What kind of jacket now?

> Jetbird had fitted it with
> wheels, a steering system, and a surprisingly powerful motor that had come in handy
> on more than one occasion - it could support the combined weight of the trunk and
> the two of them, and propel the whole mess at speeds that were, quite frankly, a
> little nerve-wracking even under ordinary circumstances.

Oh man, I *need* to see this.

>     In only a few minutes, the three of them made their way to a large white house a
> stone's throw from the rest of the town, surrounded by a metal fence painted what
> had once been a bright white, though the wind and rain and dust had taken their
> toll on the coating.  Miriam advanced to the gate and withdrew a small key from one
> of her pockets, unlocking and then opening the gate with a quiet whine of metal on
> metal.

This is some really good description, lemme tell ya.

>     As might be expected of a house of one of the major families, it was luxurious.

Must find out more about.

> Thick carpet, exotic fur rugs and wood paneling, all sorts of precious metal
> inlays, and shelves full of items ranging from cutely mysterious to threateningly
> bizarre occupied the house; the last of these likely would have captured Jetbird's
> attention, as such things often did, had not the Kid gently forced him onward into
> the living room.

Jetmagpie, more like

>     The Lawson lady's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, though at least in an
> approving manner.  "I see the rumors about your... perspicacity... are not
> exaggerated, Mr. Cortland.  The men in my family's employ - I would not deign to
> call them gentlemen - insist upon a considerably higher sum than I expected in
> order to fix my problem.  This, when I already have doubts as to their competence
> in this matter..."  She shook her head.  "But enough of that.  If you aid me, you
> will not find me a miserly employer."


(No but seriously, I'm wibbling with excitement to see how you make this 
exciting <3)

>     Miriam rose from her chair as well, as gracefully as ever.  "Then follow me,
> gentlemen, and I shall be your guide."


Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, had to rewrite this reply after it got 
accidentally deleted, mumble grumble

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