LNH: Looniverse Chronicles #6: "A Missive Received From an Undisclosed Source"

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 17:02:36 PST 2015


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                         LOONIVERSE O CHRONICLES
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                     Written by  \--6--/  Andrew Perron

              "A Missive Received From an Undisclosed Source"


The outline of a human being in stars, nebulas and galaxies.

                         ----------< >----------

I need to write this down while my perspective is still human. I should
also do it before my body dissolves - that seems less important now. The
issues I'm thinking about now don't require a body. I can touch empathy

The important part is, I think I understand what the Source Code is.
It's the power of creation, or creativity - human creativity, only
"human" isn't a big enough word - everyone's creativity. Not just how we
use "creativity" to mean "art", but coding, building, giving birth,
*making*. Creation. You're doing that right now, probably, and if we
take it and spin it on its axis and look at it from the wrong
perspective, we get the Source Code, which I have just collided with but
that's not important.

Now, of course this is intelligent - or, rather, it isn't but it's a
product of all the intelligences, which means that essentially it is.
I'm babbling. It's okay. But we are all creations of it - of the
Writers, and especially of the part of them that they don't know is
true. They are bigger on the inside, and they cannot see the backs of
their own heads, and we live in that space.

Focus. Stay human.

It's difficult to use this raw power directly. It is not organized, it
is not limited. Life is a game. Games have rules. Rules are limits. It
is possible to shape raw limits but it is hard.

Thus, there are the Powers. The Power Kirby is just a fancy name for
being inspired by Jack Kirby, and that inspiration gives rules and form.
The Power Shakespeare, the Power Morrison, these are streams that flow
through this world that you can dip your cap into and drink.

But the thing I have to communicate is that, while you are sitting on
the banks of the raw, disorganized stuff, do not be afraid to swim. Do
not fear dipping your cap, but do not fear touching the power directly.
You there, I can see you reading this - it will transform you into a
being that you cannot yet understand, but this is who you really are.
Fear not the power that you use every day! Fear not the space in the
back of your head! Fear not! Fear not! Fear not! Goodbye!

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