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On Sun 31st May 2015 Andrew (pwerdna at gmail.com) replied: 

Thanks to both Scott and yourself for the enthusiastic respose.
> > The RACCelestial Toymaker is an Elder of the Looniverse obsessed with
> > games. He's a mashup of the Marvel's Grandmaster (an Elder of the
> > Universe obsessed with games), and Dr Who's Celestial Toymaker (a
> > generic cosmic entity obsessed with games). I'm assuming he looks
> > like the late actor Michael Gough done up in blueface makeup.
> Ah, yes - a sideways reference to racism without actually putting it in your 
> thing. Capital.
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, inspirations!
 [rolls eyes - partly mischeivously, partly sheepishly]  Yeah, I suppose I should have expected you to get the subtext that I put into that line, Andrew :-) ---Saxon Brenton 		 	   		  
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