LNH/HCC: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #60 {HCC54}

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Mon Jul 13 08:54:36 PDT 2015

On Sunday, July 5, 2015 at 5:01:40 AM UTC-4, Saxon Brenton wrote:
>      The second Anal-Retentive Archive Kid was hanging out with friends 
> at a coffee shop near the university.  There was ARAK 2 and...  Hmm, you 
> know, I should give the guy a real name.  I mean, he's been around for a 
> few years and even got a co-starring role in LNHv2 #50.  Uhm, okay, Fred 
> Gnarshteeth.  That'll do.

Fred? Huh.

>      Fred looked over and saw another student, and as it happened 
> another orc.  A maths prodigy by the name of Trak who was on the 
> gridiron team and had a girlfriend who was in the anime club.

The use of "gridiron" here is a good way to avoid having to specify "American football".

>      Sure, Fred was large and muscular.  But he was an unflattering 
> greenish-grey colour, with a bristle of brown hair that he kept trimmed 
> short.  More importantly, his face looked like someone had taken a 
> felt-tip marker and drawn a very detailed face on a balloon.  All the 
> features were there, but looked at from the side he had a bulbous face 
> with no prominent chin or nose.  In fact, Fred looked like he *should* 
> have a large nose - probably one of those pig-like snouts that you saw 
> on the orcs in the Dungeons and Dragons TV cartoons made in the 1980s - 
> but it had somehow gotten pushed flat into his face (possibly in an 
> incident involving chasing parked cars).

...I dunno, I think that sounds kinda cute. `.`

>      "I guess so," mused Fred.  "But I wonder what happened to make 
> him so angry."
>      Trak woke up on the floor of a barred cell.

Well that's nice and straightforward.

>      A figure up in the stands in what seemed to be a prominent booth 
> stood up.  A male figure in faux medieval clothes, from what Trak could 
> see.  His clothing contrasted strangely with the Roman gladiatorial 
> motif.  The figure held up his hands, and the crowd stopped making 
> quite so much noise.
>      "My friends!  I, the Duke of Poughkeepsie, welcome you to the 
> gladiatorial games!  Tonight's advertised entertainment: one of the 
> Legion of Net.Heroes!"  The crowd roared again. "Let the games begin!"

...fascinating. Where is this even taking place. @.@

>      Even magnified over a mecha loudspeaker system, Trak recognised 
> that voice.  It was Aiko.  She had obviously gone to the other members 
> of the anime club, and they had used their mecha to come and rescue him!


> Trak had already taken cover, since he knew what the anime 
> club got up to with their 1:1 scale reproductions.

Gunpla with plasma guns!

> She was wearing a 
> full body combat suit that, leaving only the head, with her lovely 
> purple skin and the waving forest of squid-like tentacles on her scalp, 
> exposed.

Oooooh, double fascinating. Where's she from?

>      Written for the 54th High Concept Challenge: Neon Talking Super 
> Street Bat-Luge! "Insert a character, costume, accessory, secondary 
> mutation, or concept that has as its primary motivation the promotion 
> of a new addition to the toy-line". 

Ahhhh, that's right.

>      So after procrastinating on this for a while, and then 
> procrastinating some more when there was an extension, I came up with 
> this in the last half day.

I didn't finish mine. @-@ That's okay, because it was because of Life Events, and it'll come out soonish. <3

> that the Duke of Poughkeepsie is a character 
> that I've referred to a few times and whose name derives from the 
> L. Sprague de Camp story 'Divide And Rule'.

Innnnteresting. I remember previous references vaguely...

> Ah, but that's not the 
> explanation you were interested in, was it?  You want to know what I've 
> smoking to get another story that *swerves* so darn much.  Okay, okay, 
> fine.  Desperately trying to get a story finished by the contest 
> deadline is my drug of choice.

Heck yeah. <3 A cascade from beginning to end.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, catching up post-Life Events (and pre-More Life Events).

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