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Demi Goth & Carnacki's Ghost in: Monstrosities part 2  by J. Vandersteen 

Ireland, Iaestrae Castle.
Demi Goth and the Ghost of Carnacki appear in one of the rooms.
    "You are very good with that teleportation spell," Carnacki tells Demi. "Not to mention that divination spell to find out Sir Magick's killer will be appearing here soon."
    "It helps to have a connection with the Oracle of Delphi," Demi says. "So, you know this place?"
    "I most certainly do," Carnacki says. "I faced the horror of the Whistling Room here. I can imagine why the killer will appear here. The gate to the Outer Monstrosities is very thin here I think. It will be the ideal place for the killer to try and gather this Ab-normal friends from."
    "Sounds dangerous enough," Demi  says.
     The door opens, a tall man in a black coat, leather pants and a face covered with tribal tattoos walks in. "Who?"
    "By Jove, I think we have found our killer already!" Carnacki says.
     The man in black pulls an obsidian knife from his coat. "More mystic guardians to slay? Fine."
     "You will find us not so easily slain," Carnacki says.
     The killer slashes at the ghost with his dagger, catching only air.
      "Not easy to kill a ghost, right?" Carnacki says.
      "Not a problem," the killer says and starts to chant. The knife starts to glow and he slashes at Carnacki again. This time the hero screams.
     "Hera! This killer knows his spells," Demi says and quickly steps back before the knife hits her as well.
      "It hurts, but I can manage to hold my ectoplasm together," Carnacki says.
      "We will see for how long," the killer says and stabs at him.
      Demi kicks the killer in the stomach, pushing him away from Carnacki. The killer shows he possesses superhuman strength when he backhands Demi, sending her flying across the room. She hits her head against the wall and passes out.
      "And now you, occult detective..." the killer says but cannot find Carnacki. "Where are you? No matter. I will start the ritual and open the gate so the Outer Monstrosities can join me."
       He starts to carve runes into the floor with his knife. While he carves he chants in an ancient language. The air starts to shimmer, a large hole appears, widening. Visible in the hole are strange and monstrous looking forms with many eyes, tentacles and fanged beaks.
       "Come my brethren, come!" the killer says.
       Demi rises, unseen to the killer. Her eyes are glowing. She leaps, tackling the killer, throwing him into the hole. Then she starts to say ancient spell, the hole slowy starts to close. A tentacle tries to grab her through the hole that she slaps away with her demi-godlike strength. As the spell finishes the hole is closed.
       The Ghost of Carnacki steps out of Demi's body. "Are you all right, dear?"
       "I think I am. But what happened?" she asks.
       "I took possession of your unconscious body and close the hole using a ritualistic spell from the Sigsand Manuscript", Carnacki says. "I hope you didn't mind."
      "I guess it's allright if it saved our dimension," Demi says. "Just ask for Godling's help or somebody the next time there's an other-dimensional invasion pending. My head hurts like crazy."
      "Well... Let's hope it won't be necessary next time. Goodbye," and with those words the Ghost of Carnacki walked right through the wall, leaving only Demi Goth.
     "Now let me see where I can get some ibuprofen in this place," she says.

The End

Octo-Boy in Clowning around!

Matt sits at the breakfast table with his mom.
"Are you excited about going back to work again?" Matt asks her.
     "Sure," she says. "It will be good to do something other than watch soaps and clean my guns all day. I feel all healed up and ready to keep the city safe again. I'm sure Octo-Boy can use the help."
     "It is rather good he's been around lately, right? With all the force down a considerable number of men after the whole scandal," Matt says, eating a spoonful of cereal.
     "I guess. Of course he deals with street crime where I deal with kidnapping and organised crime. You never know though, I might run into him again."
     "He has been busy I heard. Stopping muggers, robbers and that Human Pinball guy."
     "Yeah, he sure has. I wonder where he came from all of a sudden. Well, time for me to go to work and for you to go to school," Marcia says and gets up. She gives Matt a quick kiss on the forehead and leaves.
      "So... That leaves me wondering what I should do now. Take the bus to school or swing around the city as Octo-Boy... No contest!" Mattt says and changes into the green-skinned superhero.
     Soon he swings from flagpole to roof across the city. He notices a strange character leave a jewelry store. He is dressed in clown's clothes and carries a huge orange gun. He is holding a large bag.
      "Help! We've been robbed!" a voice sounds from the store.
      "Looks like I might be at school a bit late," Octo-Boy says and jumps down in front of the clown.
      "Who are you supposed to be? Bozo the Villain?"
      "I'm the Balloon Clown and the joke will be on you!" the clown says and fires a  huge, self-inflating balloon from the gun that knocks Octo-Boy down.
       The villain kicks Octo-Boy in the face with his ridiculously huge clown shoes.
       "Ungh! You pack quite a kick. But so do I!" Octo-Boy says and slaps Balloon Clown with his tentacles, knocking the villain into the wall of the store.
      Octo-Boy gets up and says, "You managed to surprise me a bit but now I will take you down, Bozo!"
      "Oh no you won't," Balloon Clown says and blows up a balloon that he turns into a huge hammer. He knocks Octo-Boy in the face with it, who tries to stop the blow with his tentacles but fails. He is knocked on his behind again.
      "KA-BOOM!" Balloon Clown says. "Gotta go now... Bye bye!" He inflates another balloon that seems to be filled with helium as he uses it to fly away.
     Octo-Boy tries to get up, but the Balloon Clown throws a balloon in front of his feet that explodes and turns out to be filled with oil or something. Octo-Boy slips on it and has a lot of trouble getting up. Finally he uses his tentacles to lift himself over the oil, grabbing a window ledge. Balloon Clown is gone, though.
    "He got away! He got away!" the jeweller, an old guy wearing suspender says on the sidewalk in front of his store.
    "I'm really sorry about that. But I will be sure to catch him another time!" Octo-Boy swears and then swings off.


To be continued

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