SW10/WWW: Powernaut 2005 #28: He's... Holding... North America??

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Jan 25 09:39:26 PST 2015

Why yes, this is going way beyond spanking.  But the Powernaut is not 
backing down!  Occulator Compuplex is seeing some action now.



Bonus Section:  Commentary  from Wyatt Ferguson!    Holding WHAT?

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I thought Spanker 4 had just bottled the Lower 48 United States. (ref: 
2005/occulator.htm)  But I admit, he comes from where they think of land 
masses instead of political boundaries.  I'm not planning to revise my 
account, but I'll admit the Powernaut's account is right.

And it's important to point out... That wasn't the whole planet.  It was 
just one continent.  People have asked me what's on the other side of 
North America in that picture.  The other side was a slice of the center 
of Earth.  The rest of Earth went into its own bottle while Spanker 4 
took this slice, so the molten bits didn't slop out.  I think Doom 
Creatures built that other bottle, because they were determined Earth 
would face no doom except from them.  I was standing inside that other 

I keep talking about Engines in this series, especially the Engine of 
Permanence.  Things which were done with Engines, were permanent.  But 
*scooping out a continent* was done with the power of a Doom Creature - 
the (slaughtered) Doom Panda of Gravity from Asia.  That's how powerful 
Doom Creatures are.  They seem silly, and they walk among humans 
sometimes (especially the Doom Koala of Speed), but they are Doom 

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