LNH: Easily-Discovered Man #56

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On 1/7/2015 9:42 PM, EDMLite wrote:

>       "To obtain the item," the Prof said, punctuating his sentence with a
> tap of his yellow chalk, "you would have to ride the escalator all the
> way to the top level, and then walk from the escalator egress to the
> men's clothing department, in which the object of your desire resides."
>       "Actually, the object of my desire worked in cosmetics," I said.
> "If we're still talking about the Target at Fifth and Burton."
>       "We are not," the Prof said.  "The journey to obtain the jacket in
> question is one that is required by your human perceptions -- by the fact
> that you cannot perceive any method of reaching the men's clothing
> department other than by moving laterally throughout the store.  Freed
> of your human limitations, however, you would be aware that the jacket
> you wish for is located just a short distance above you -- and you could
> simply reach up and pluck it for yourself."
>       I snapped to attention.  "You're saying that if it were possible
> to see the world as it really is -- without human limitations -- that
> we wouldn't need a time machine at all?  That we'd just be able to see
> everything that has already happened, is happening, and is going to
> happen, all at the same time?"
>       "As well as all the parallel dimensions inspired by possible choices
> and permutations along the axis of possibility," the Prof said, "yes."

... deep, and insightful.  This wasn't an action issue, but it's still 
moving the story forward.

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