RACCies: Limp Eligibles for 2014

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Tue Jan 6 04:36:29 PST 2015

[RACCies] Limp Eligibles for 2014
Once again, self-promotional binge time.
A much bigger output this year than last year, but as I compile
my list of publications for 2014, I am bemused at how many of 
these were written only because of prior commitments (the 
Mighty Medley instalments) or because I felt I should contribute 
to the High Concept Challenges.  
Going alphabetically by imprint, in 2014 I published:
* 'Beyond The Fields' #1-12, appearing in Mighty Medley #1-12
  Joan Smith (an angel) and Deidre (an occult detective) team 
up to investigate a bizarre Nazi worldview seeping in and 
corrupting the 8Fold setting.
  Posted at the start of each month.
  (The secret origin of this multi-part story is that it started 
as a single parter based on the premise 'An angel walks into 
a bar...' but I proved incapable of fitting into the one page 
format.  Moreover, I have repeatedly been unable to keep scenes 
to one part, and Tom has tolerated this.  He has even put with 
me being so late with many of my submissions.)
* 'Grudge Match', appearing in Mighty Medley #3
  Terry Pratchett versus Early Onset Alzheimers.  As Andrew 
neatly summarised in Kid Review, it's wish fulfillment and a 
scream of defiance.  
  Posted 1 March 2014.
* Journey Into #17 'Back From the Dead'
  Written for the 44th High Concept Challenge: 'Back from the 
dead'.  The diabolical Professor Longitude tricks Doctor 
Longitude into thinking he's dead, then steals his body.
  Posted 10 May 2014.
Legion of Net.Heroes 
* Cover Gallery #14i
  Fourth Wall Lass journeys into the subtext to retrieve a 
stolen artefact. Posted 8 Jan 2014.
* Cover Gallery #15i
  Convoluted Origin Man and Boy Redundant Lad visit the 
parallel Earth where the Beatles conquered America.  
Posted 11 Feb 2014.
* Cover Gallery #16i
  The daikaiju hakemon Master MIME builds a tower into low 
Earth orbit.  Posted 2 Mar 2014.
* Cover Gallery #17i
  Demon Boy, Bicycle-Repair Lad and Leviathan Lass versus a 
weeblek.  Posted 15 Mar 2014.
* Cover Gallery #18i
  The Consultant versus the Sphinx.  Posted 5 Apr 2014.
* Cover Gallery #23i
  Senses Lass and Sister-State-The Obvious investigate a 
teddy bears picnic.  Written for High Concept Challenge #46: 
'Waiting For the Bus In the Rain'.  Posted 4 July 2014.
* Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #50  'The Challenge From Before'
  Written for High Concept Challenge #30 'Legion of Net.Heroes 
#50 collaboration'.  I contributed a number of the early scenes 
featuring Anal-Retentive Archive Kid 2.
  Posted 2 Nov 2014.
* Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #58  'The B-Movie Teenage 
  Romance Thing' 
  Written for High Concept Challenge #42:  'Outside the Walls 
of Genre'. Other-dimensional teenage robot versions of 
Limp-Asparagus Lad and Senses Lass help defeat a rampaging human.
  Posted 16 Feb 2014.
* Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #59  'The Dead Zone'
  Written for High Concept Challenge #48: 'A whole 'nuther 
country'. A young stalker, Alexandry, in the Chernobyl exclusion 
zone encounters nuclear zombies, and then things get really 
  Posted 30 Sep 2014.
* Limp-Asparagus Lad Vol.2 #0  'Family'
  Written for High Concept Challenge #49: 'Some genre characters 
sit down and eat pizza, and nothing happens'.  The twist I 
included was that the four characters (Limp-Asparagus Lad, 
Senses Lass, Fourth Wall Lass, Retcon Lad) are all superheroes 
and they simply sat around calmly talking about the weirdness 
of what for them is their everyday lives.
  Posted 7 Nov 2014.
* Looniverse Chronicles #5  'The Last Perfect Day'
  Written for High Concept Challenge #50: 'An anniversary 
celebration'. The Consultant versus the Sphinx in a Dr Who 
pastiche on the last day of life on Earth.
  Posted 27 Dec 2014.
As always, I won't go through listing *every* eligible to 
every RACCies category.  Just a few observations:
Limp-Asparagus Lad volume 2 counts.
RACC4 FAVORITE ARC: Any multi-issue storyline that is *not* RACC3 
'Beyond The Fields' #1-12 in Mighty Medley #1-12 fits this, 
since it's a finite storyline that's longer than twelve parts. 
- All the characters in 'Beyond the Fields' are new, and of 
these Joan Smith, Deidre, and Marcus Oustler are all feature 
characters.  I consider Lee Ardock a supporting character.  
- By stretching the definitions to cover these *particular 
fictionalised versions* of them, then Terry Pratchett and Early 
Onset Alzheimers count as new as well.
- The identity of Igor from Journey Into #17 is new, but the 
technicalities of his presence make his newness as a character 
kind of debatable.
- Master MIME, the Sphinx, and Alexandry are all new.
Saxon Brenton
Probably not eligible for any 'Myxamitosis Award For Killing 
Plot Bunnies' discretionary awards this year...


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