MISC: GODLING # 46: New Troy Burning by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 46:  New Troy Burning by J. Vandersteen 


Nuclear Warrior is flying in front of city hall. He yells, "Mister mayor! I warned you all... I want 50 million dollars or I blow up the whole city!"
     The door of City Hall opens. The mayor steps out. He says, "Sorry, you are getting nothing."
     "Then you will be the first to die!" Nuclear Warrior says and fires a bolt of nuclear energy at the mayor.
     The bolt bounces back from the mayor. Behind the mayor a female in spandex and leather with short blonde hair appears. "See, I told you my force field would keep you safe, mayor. When you hire Recoil and the rest of The Circuit you hire the best bodyguards available."
      From City Hall three other people come running, all clad in leather and spandex. They are Captain Celsius (a soldier with guns that fire both heat and cold rays), Shaolinda (the world's best martial artist) and Dr. Kaiju (who can change into a large Godzilla-like monster).
     "Circuit, take him down!" Captain Celsius says.
     "Will do," Dr. Kajiu says and changes into a huge monster straight out of a Japanese monster movie. He grabs Nuclear Warrior in one of his monstrous fists. The villain shoots him in the face several times with nuclear bolts.
     "Gaaah..." Kaiju utters as he drops the villain. Nuclear Warrior flies towards the other heroes, firing nuclear bolts. Shaolinda dodges the bolts and throws three shuriken throwing stars at the villain who melts them with his nuclear energy.
      Celsius fires his guns at the villain but Nuclear Warrior can apparently stand the heat of one gun and melts the ice of the other one.
     Recoil extends her force field in such a way it knocks into the villain with such power he is thrown against a nearby building. Shrugging it off he attacks again. That's when Dr. Kaiju's tail hits him into the building again with such force the villain crashes straight through it. Kaiju stomps after him and simply tramples the villain who is lying on the floor, still dizzy. SPLAT!
     Recoil, Captain Celsius and Shaolinda come running, seeing if Dr. Kaiju needs help.
     The monster changes back into a man. "That made a mess."
     "Yuck," Recoil says and winces when she gets a view of the villain's broken body. "And I thought Team Beta could get hardcore."

Godling is in bed with Bonnie. She is lying with her head on his chest.
      "I was fantastic, wasn't I. Now after we've gotten that out of the way we can have the interview."
      Bonnie sits up and says, "Why am I in bed with you? You obnoxious macho!"
      "Obnoxious macho? How can this be. I wield the power of Aphrodite?"
     Bonnie slaps him in the face. "I don't know what's going on but I'm out of here." She slips out of bed and into her clothes. "And you can forget about the interview now as well. Crap, this is my room. YOU GET OUT!"
      "Relax, relax. I'm sure it was good for you too. What's the problem?" Godling wonders.
       "The problem is you obviously slipped me a roofie or something and took advantage of me. Get out!"
       "All right, all right!" Godling says and is gone with the speed of Hermes.

"That's that. He just went too far, I'm not lending him my powers anymore," Aphrodite tells Athena as they share some wine sitting against a tree.
      "That will surely come as a surprise to him. I guess it won't affect his performance as a hero much, though. It's not like he uses it to defeat monsters and villains, so I guess Zeus will be okay with it," Athena says.
      "Still, I feel Zeus made an awful choice," Aphrodite says.
      "Not much we can do about it. Zeus is a pretty stubborn god."
      "I swear I WILL come up with a plan," Aphrodite says, fist clenched.
Quentin walks into the hospital with Janson in his arms. "This officer needs medical attention. Now!"
      A nurse walks towards him, "There's a lot of people in need of medical attention. Haven't you heard the city is a warzone with supervillains everywhere. The wounded just keep coming in."
      "Please, help her. She's a good cop and I... Love her!" Quentin pleads.
      "We'll see what we can do," the nurse says.

Wade Hudson and his SWAT team walk inside New Troy Colleseum, the local stadium. People are fleeing everywhere. On stage is Speed Metal, chocking a young male singer.
     "I've always wanted to kill you, Justine Kiefer, you sissy little punk. I hate your music!" Speed Metal, the rocking supervillain with metal arms and superspeed says.
     "I hate it too, but I can't let you kill him," Wade says, 9mm aimed at the villain.
     "Gimme a second, I will be right back," Speed Metal says and runs towards Wade with superspeed, then runs back to the singer and continues to choke him.
     Wade is looking surprised at what used to be his gun. Speed Metal took it apart with his superspeed in the blink of an eye. Wade looks around at his men. Their guns look the same.
     "Damn you! Then I will fight you the old-fashioned way," Wade says and draws his nightstick. Suddenly it's out of his hands and into Speed Metal's who uses it to beat Kiefer.
     "This is even more satisfying than choking you!!" Speed Metal says.
      "Let him go!" a voice says.
     The Circuit has arrived, they walk towards the stage. Captain Celsius points his guns at Speed Metal.
     "Another gun to take apart. Not a challenge," Speed Metal says and runs towards Captain Celsius. He bumps into Recoil's force field however and ends up on his behind.
      "You are going down, punk!" Shaolinda says and kicks Speed Metal in the face. Before she can kick again the villain has hit her with hundreds of punches. She is down!
       Dr. Kaiju changes into monster-form.
      "He will make you pay for that!" Recoil tells Speed Metal.
      "Wait a minute. I just got a call from Control. The mayor's check bounced. We are ordered to pull out," Celsius says, listening from an earpiece radio.
      "But what about Kiefer?" Recoil asks.
      "We can all agree that is not a big loss," Celsius says. "Retreat!"
      The Circuit flees towards a helicopter waiting outside the stadium and they fly off. That leaves Wade and his men facing Speed Metal.
      The villain smiles. "It's just us again, it seems. How nice."

NEXT ISSUE: Who can save New Troy now?

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