8FOLD/HCC: Journey Into # 20, "Her Face In My Mirror"

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Fri Feb 6 21:24:10 PST 2015

On 2/2/2015 7:15 PM, Tom Russell wrote:

> - Kate Morgan, DR. METRONOME II.
>    Can phase through matter.
>    Concert pianist, aged 28 in 2013.
> - Kate's siblings and wards:
>    - Simon Morgan, aged 18.
>      Knows Kate's secret identity.
>    - Calliope Morgan, this close to 16,
>      practically an adult already so
>      just leave me alone.

After a while I got the impression Kate Morgan had given birth to those 
other two.  I'm glad I re-read this part.

> - The Bethanys, Kate's two best friends,
>    both of whom know her secret identity:
>    - Bethany Proust, 36, homicide detective,
>      formerly Kate's babysitter, called
>      "Bethany One".
>    - Bethany Clayton, KNOCKOUT MOUSE, 30,
>      like Kate, a member of the Daylighters.
>      Called "Bethany Two."

You've done nice things with (what I assume is) a coincidence.

<snip story>

I've no comments on the meat of the story, but I enjoyed it and I saw no 
plot holes.

>     "Oh, don't look so glum. You would've caught it eventually.
> After all, you are my favorite Bethany."
>     "Except for the other one."
>     "Well, yeah."

I know a pair of twin brothers, whom I greet for their birthday in 
similar manner.  I don't declare favorites, but I do try to greet each 
one before the other.

>     "So I noticed something," says Bethany. "Ever since Paige Pond was
> arrested, no one's seen Dr. Metronome."
>     "I noticed that, too," says Kate.
>     "Does that mean that Paige Pond was Dr. Metronome?" says Bethany.
> "Who will be remembered for all time as both a plucky heroine, and
> also an unrepentant and violent psychopath?"
>     "I don't much like the sound of that," says Kate, wincing. "But I
> honestly don't know what it means, Beth. If I knew what I was doing
> with my life, I probably wouldn't be doing it."

This seems like sequel-bait to me.  But I often lay sequel-bait and then 
ignore it for years.

> After Bethany leaves, Kate turns to her piano, playing In the Bottoms.
> As she pauses between Honey and Barcarolle, she catches a glimpse of a
> face in the lacquered and polished maple, clouded and featureless.

oooh, foreshadowing!

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