8FOLD: Mighty Medley # 14, February 2015, by Messrs. Brenton, Perron, Russell, and Stokes

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Tue Feb 3 14:33:28 PST 2015

On 2/1/2015 7:16 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
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> ----------------- FATED MEETING --------------------
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This one answers some questions and raises others. <3

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> ---------------- EMPRESS OF PAGES ------------------
> ----------------------Part 2------------------------

I've already made my own comments to the author, but MIND BATTLES heck yeah. 
Plus, the first RACC appearance of the Eighth Library!

>     Skin of Snake took that as his cue, and began to approach the
> shack. Silke and the others followed quietly a little ways behind,
> excepting Gulliver and Strife. Skin of Snake took a breath as he came
> to the flap of animal skin that served as the door. Even after it had
> been tanned, you could count the thousand little red dots bleeding
> through.

That's a bit much x-x

> The World was being infiltrated by other-dimensional agents,
> and the magical infrastructure that had been built up to implement
> Projekt Memi had been destroyed.

"Projekt Memi" just sounds like a German magical girl.

>     Most worrying was that within the space of a few days the three
> death camps that made up Projekt Memi had been destroyed. First Vytmir
> in Russia, then Haibal in Northern Africa, and now Nindenheim here in
> Rotwert. There were other camps, of course, but only those three had
> been especially set up to torture and kill millions of people in such
> a way as to wring magical energy from their souls and broadcast it out
> across the world, deliberately contaminating the aetherical flux.

Um. o.o G-good.

>     Counterpointing this was the arrival of the outworlder, Lee Ardock.
> The Man With The Green Gloves allowed himself to smile. That, at
> least, was good news of sorts. Since the whole point of Projekt Memi
> was to create an intangible world of horror that would insinuate
> itself into other realities, then the arrival of natives from those
> other realities indicated that inter-dimensional contact was starting.
> The cancerous cyst that was The World was beginning to metastasise. Of
> course that in turn meant The World was starting to attract attention
> to itself, and Dane was not convinced that it was incoherent enough to
> successfully survive a counterattack from its potential victims.

Oh wow. That's a pretty fucked-up-slash-intense plan!

>     It is the triple sunrise of Agaanos that Monad came to see, not the
> duels. Each of the three sister-suns are fickle and jealous, circling
> viciously around her rivals, so that each will rise and set at
> different times. Only rarely do these align, and irregularly; the last
> time was eight of our months ago, and the next won't be for sixty
> years. As such, the children of Agaanos have been quicker to anger
> these last few months, taking offense at the slightest of slights,
> willfully misconstruing the most innocent of gestures. It is called
> the sunsrise sickness.

Interesting; I'm not sure if this was an unsatisfying story or a satisfying 
tone poem. An interesting experiment, either way. <3

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, writes a lot of stuff lately that's 
supposed to evoke a certain tone, not certain how successful he usually is.

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