SW10/WWW/HCC: Powernaut 2005 #29: EARTHLING! STOP BUZZING!

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 16:58:49 PST 2015

On 2/1/2015 7:56 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> On 2/1/2015 4:07 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:
>> I see Spanker 4 has a sense of aesthetics. But I wonder why he had to
>> put the Engines somewhere other than on his body?
>> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, of course, I never took engineering
> Well, you can see the Powernaut treating Spanker 4's body like a brave new
> world to go pluck gems from.

An excellent point.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, you're risking them either way, so.

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