SW10/REVIEW: Catalog of Earths, 2015 Update #2 of 5: RACC and LNH

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Dec 28 18:41:33 PST 2015

Author's Note:  I *think* I caught most if not all of the new LNH 
stories this year.  But I'm open to (err...) commentary on the commentary.

--- PART 2:  RACC and LNH ---

UNIVERSE:  RACC Offshoots (RACCies)

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler(s):  Scott Eiler and Andrew Perron

- Chronicler's Web Site:  none

- Activity:  RACCies are annual in April or May.  Other offshoots were 
quiet this year.

- Relevance:  Minimal, unchanged since last year.  This year's 
ceremonies actually went off as scheduled, due to heavy peacekeeping 
from three of the subscriber-universes.

- Threat Analysis:  Minimal, unchanged from last year.

- Critique:  (provided privately due to Council security designation)

- Psychovant's Comments:  Whatever.  Got *my* award ready yet?


UNIVERSE:  Legion of Net.Heroes (LNH, LNH20, and LNHY)

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler(s):  primarily Ben Rawluk, Andrew Perron and Adrian J. McClure

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.lnhq.info/

- Activity:  something every month or so

- Relevance:  Major (unchanged from last year).  The main action seems 
to be in the main universe LNH now.  Since our First Contact with them, 
Chancellor, we've drawn up an intervention plan for your approval.

- Threat Analysis:  As ever, these universes are like a herd of rhinos. 
  We suggest at least coordinating with locals who know how to herd the 
rhinos, though.

- Critique:  Yet another large multi-writer epic got finished this year 
in suitable dramatic manner, which is always a cause for rejoicing. 
That's mostly due to two writers' (Andrew and Adrian's) contributions. 
For one month Ben Rawluk brought in the story of Bad Poetry Boy (in 
"Dashing Tales"); this fit nicely and was fun to read.  There was also 
one Easily-Discovered Man story this year; individual LNH20 stories for 
Professor Penumbra, the Ultimate Mercenary, Trux and Spite Grrrl, and 
the "Shipwar"; and an LNHY Death of Trophy Wife follow-on.  At least the 
LNH is attracting new shared-universe work, even some off the main line. 
  But even with all that, most LNH publications this year were vignettes 
("Cover Gallery"), reprints, or web citations.  Discounting those, there 
was about one story (or at best, storyline) per month.  That is an 
improving sign of life from this continuum, and there was nothing bad in 
it.  But it's not enough to make them the Council's most prolific rival 
this year.

- Psychovant's Comments:  I've said it before and I'll say it again... 
Life support, only with a few signs of breathing this year.  - Oh, 
should I shut up now 'cause I'm not willing to jump in any more Legion 
stories myself?  Excuse me if I go jump in Salon DYAL or something instead!

--- Next:  PART 3:  The Web Comics ---

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