MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World, Part 14

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 23:01:29 PST 2015

On 12/6/2015 6:26 PM, George Phillies wrote:

> “Finally, the First Speaker, the Living Sun, is most emphatic that the
> Namestone must be recovered as soon as possible and used to bring Heaven
> to Earth.

This scene is starting to feel a bit repetitive, I think. I mean, these guys are 
basically saying the same thing as the Germans, with a bit of variation.

> His Imperial Wisdom believes that the League Strike Team did
> in fact execute the plan that was applicable. The Leaders of the Corps
> of Janissaries have advised the Emperor: It is unfortunate that the
> agreed-upon plan was not successful, but that is the nature of plans.
> They do not always work.

This is different, but it's still taking a while to say. I wonder if it'd be 
more interesting if there was more characterization and stage business in this 
bit? We haven't had many snarky narrative asides from Buncome.

Drew "and maybe others too?" Perron

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