SW10/REVIEW: Catalog of Earths, 2015 Update #1 of 5: Introduction and SW10

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Sun Dec 27 16:48:52 PST 2015

Author's Note:  I like End of Year Reviews.  And if I get this one done, 
it's a lock for Best Review Title of 2015!  So, it's time again.  But 
who shall be the commentator?  Heh.


Private to the Chancellor Wyatt Ferguson at the Council of Ordered Realities

--- PART 1:  Introduction and SW10 ---

This report describes many of the major universes which are eligible for 
the Council of Ordered Realities but not yet catalogued by it.

Previously we got much of our detail by attaching an eavesdropping 
device to the dimension-hopping duck named Psychovant.  We had sent 
Psychovant deep into an omniversal axis called "RACC", which on some 
level of reality stands for Rec.Arts.Comics.Creative.  Last year he was 
unavailable for comment.  This year, however, he's back.  Indeed, he 
*insisted* on commenting.  The commentator from last year, the 
Hyper-Piper of Hypergaard, sent us this message in response:

	"I yield.  I will be pleased to avoid that creature."

Universe SW10 ("Superhuman World 10") is of course a major part of the 
Council; many of its offshoots are represented here.  We survey its main 
Earth and several variants separately 
(http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2008/commentQ2.htm#catalog).  It and 
several offshoots have seen action this year.


We here report these details for each universe:

- Type:  (Superhuman / Tech / Mystic; indication of what kind of power 
drives the world; Superhuman may include the others)

- Chronicler(s):  (one or more "Writers" whom the universe regards as 
governing powers)

- Chronicler's Web Site:  (if one uses the "http:" subset of our 
Hyper-Body Hyper-Transfer Protocol, one can get a web page summary of 
this universe)

- Activity:  (roughly weekly / monthly / sporadic / date of last 
activity.  Inactivity is the sign of a dying universe.)

- Relevance:  (could not / could / has interacted with the Council)

- Threat Analysis:  (how much could they hurt the Council?  This is 
basically the power level plus the crossover potential.)

- Critique:  (how pleasant is this universe for an observer to learn 
about?  This section uses episodic analysis and treats the universe like 
a story.  It's basically the "review".)

- Paychovant's Comments:  (This comes from a cartoon cyborg demon duck 
with an attitude.  His remarks are preserved for the sake of 
completeness - and heavily but imperfectly edited to prevent an 
omniversal war.  It's basically the dark side of the critique.)


UNIVERSE:  SW10 - "Superhuman World" and Offshoots

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler(s):  Scott Eiler

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2011/

- Activity:  Every few months or so

- Relevance:  Major.  Notwithstanding the presence of that world's 
Ambassador Crusher Joe, the main SW10 world is consumed with its own 
affairs and still on track for the end of the world in 2022.  But SW11 
("Britannia Beach") has sent its own ambassador, and TW03 (Turkworld) 
might resolve its own political crisis soon and rejoin the omniversal 

- Threat Analysis:  Minor.  You've already shown an ability to rein in 
Crusher Joe.  The rest is politics as usual.

- Critique:  (provided privately due to Council security designation)

- Psychovant's Comments:  Oh, $#@!, don't make me go back to them places!


UNIVERSE:  SW12 - Powernaut

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler(s):  Scott Eiler

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/

- Activity:  Usually weekly

- Relevance:  Medium-level (increased from Minor last year).  We've 
established that the Powernaut's new world still exists in 2015, though 
its history after 2012 has yet to be established.

- Threat Analysis:  Medium-level (increased from Minor last year).  As 
noted once before, Powernauts can be easily manipulated... except they 
are all present on one world now, including the intelligent and 
randomly-powerful "Powernaut 1968".

- Critique:  (provided privately due to Council security designation)

- Psychovant's Comments:  Whoop de do.  If those Powernauts are ever 
daring enough to put *me* in one of their comics, they might get my 
attention.  Looking at *you*, Powernaut 2009 onwards!

--- Next:  PART 2:  RACC and LNH ---

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