LNH: Cover Gallery #29i

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 17 20:31:40 PST 2015

Andrew posted:
>In the center, Marco Ramirez, AKA Bad-Poetry Boy, is holding Cauliflower 
>the Christmas Miracle Pup in his arms, with Cauliflower enthusiastically 
>pawing at and licking his face. Steranko-style concentric circles radiate 
>out from Cauliflower, showing apple trees turning into gaily-decorated 
>pines, flowerbeds replaced by snow, and the Easter Bunny replaced by Santa 
No, not the Babyfication of the Holiday Miracle Pets!  :)

Also this should probably be #31..

Arthur "Writer of the first #29i.." Spitzer

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